Why not make it better?ABOUT GREENUPTOWN

Greenuptown is a brand of Huizhou Odmaytech Machinery Co. Ltd,Company was founded in 2008. It has been the major supplier of automatic spring making machine,coil spring making machine,small spring making machine,CNC spring manufacturing machines and peripheral equipment in China that have enjoyed worldwide distribution for over 20 years.

Odmaytech was found by the group of senior engineers. As the technicians spend too much time in the arrangement of the relevant tools, the machine remains the standby mode before the sample confirmation. The Odmaytech collaborated with the Japanese specialists for developed the product “Servo rotary bending equipment” and with registered patents from many countries. Significantly reduce the supporting tools and fixtures used, and achieve the Identical wire diameter can be built for different products.

Why choose us?Spring Making Machinery

CNC Spring Making Machine To Produce Different Springs Inside 0.2 To 2.3mm

It’s completely equiped with four servo motors to push, such as one serov engine for cable feeding, 1 servo motor for camera moving, 1 servo engine for quill rotating and another is for spinner turning. One of them, the axis controllers the spinner rotation is an optional apparatus and should purchase individually. This system is widely implemented in the industrial area and amazing recognized and preferred by tens of thousands of springs producers in the home and aboard.

Our Spring Making Machine Feature

  •  It adopts Janpanese Sanyo Denki servo engine and Taiwan Yitu pc control, ensuring stable performance.
  • It may stably fabricate various precision springs, including compression springs, tension springs, formed springs, wire drawing and other goods.
  • It’s completely equiped with four axis, which is, Y-axis, X-axis, Z-axis and U-axis (optional attachment ). It may create the precise dimensions and intricate spring if adds the U-axis (spinner).
  • Computer may atuomatically decelerate in accordance with the time when the probe needs to be utilized.
  • Computer may automatically discover the temperature of the engine and slow down the operating rate to protect the engine aganist overheating.
  • Generation speed could be increased or diminished at any moment runnung the system.

Our Spring Making Machinery Advantages

1, Our company was focusing on the area of spring making machine for over 20 years and has abundant technical expertise. At precisely the exact same time, we concentrate on technical innovation and staff training, and possess our very own specialist R & D, sales and support teams.

2, Business’s the Creator has seen the Spring Industry growth in China, also dedicated to enhancing user experience and always advancing machine quality.

3, The company’s philosophy is “Quality Priority, Clients First, Maintaining Improving”, not just merely a motto, but also put to practice.

3, Our company’s products are excellent recogized and preferred by tens of thousands of spring manufacturers all around the globe. Our primary market as after:

Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria)

Africa (South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tunisia)

Asia (Korea, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Thailand, Turkey)

South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia)

North America (America, Canada, Cuba, Mexico,Costa Rica)

5, We’ve created customer oriented quality control system, fortify lasting innovation and improve after-sale services.

spring design

Design Patent

Speed up development process

Effective Software Design

Customized tools supported

All products get patent

Quality Guarantee

IQC, IPQC, QA management before shipment

Quality guaranteed machinery with standards

High quality raw material and quality certificate

CE certificate

Timely Service

React immediately when you call upon

World-wide service supported

20 years experienced service engineers

24/7 Customer Support

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