FU-205 Potter cam spring forming machine



Model No. FU-205


  • ● Use the Rotary device to be substituted for the Rotary wire disc equipment.
  • ● The Rotary wire disc is suitable for the medium/thick wire diameter, but it cannot be satisfied for accuracy
  •    and stability of the fine wire diameter.
  • ● The Rotary wire disc is heavy and large which affects the production speed during rotation.
  • ● Potter Rotary device runs flexibility and stability. It not only solves the instability of fine wire in the
  •    rotation, but also saves time of circular motion during running through the wire disc to improve accuracy
  •    and speed.


Model No. FU-205
Wire Dia 0.2~2.0mm
Max. slide movement 60 mm
Min. slide movement 0.01mm
Wire feed 0~90M/min
Max. feed value 99999.99mm
Max. O.D. 50mm
Max. Leg Length 60mm
Max. Rotary quill angel 360°
Min. Rotary quill angel 0.1°
Cam speed 0~99rpm
Max. Cam angle value 4000
Min. Cam angle value 1
Power supply AC 3PH 220V
Dimensions/Weight 1650mm*900mm*1950mm / 825kgs
Motor of Rotary device 400W: Dia 0.2 ~ 1.2mm
1KW : Dia 0.4 ~ 2.0mm
Max. Rotary Angle 0.1°~ +/- 360°
Industrial grade computer Standard for 5 axis (Max. 8 axis)
Standard axis 1 * Wire Feed
1 * Quill Rotation
1 * Cam shaft
1 * Slide
1 * Potter Rotary device


Mechanical features:

  • ● 360 ° Potter Rotary device can be improved the accuracy and stability of precise spring, and reducing the
  •    cost of the rotary wire mechanism as well
  • ● Potter Rotary device increased machine capability by move up the production speed and reduce the time
  •    of the cam shaft setup.
  • ● Identical wire diameter can be built the different products and suitable for small order without change
  •    the tools.
  • ● Potter Rotary device up to 360° for replaces many complex tooling found on a standard spring machines.
  •    Equipped with servo Slide and Potter rotary tool to optimize operation and production speed