Model No. FP-S1008

The FP-S1008 computerized spring former specializes in producing various types of springs with 0.1-0.8 wire diameter. Patented Twin Axle Rotary Quill and Bending device allows you to operate rotary quill and bending unit individually, equipped with double transmission mechanism and the Parallel slide to perform the different spring of the same diameter in one machine. It offers the new technical solutions for increased productivity and cost optimization


● Patented Twin Axle Rotary Quill and Bending device
The rotary quill and the bending unit could be running individually. It could be increase the service life of the quill & liner. It can solve the bending angle is too short if execute the bending action form the thicker side of the quill & liner to avoid the breakage quill.

● Integrated wire feeding mechanism
Make sure the accuracy and stability of the thin wire forming.

● Parallel slide
It can be simplify manufactured the different rotary directional and bending springs
Especially for double torsion springs, special-shaped, multi-bending springs

● Save the set up time and move up the productivity 20%-200%
USB access programming file for saving the set up time if re-production need

 Set up Identical wire forming without tool change
It can be produced by convenient programming of the different spring with the same wire diameter on one machine.

 Replacement wire rotation disc
The 360° rotary device replace the wire rotation disc, which it can be followed the trajectory of the spring forming to complete the processing quickly

● 360°Rotary device
360° Rotary device can be used the different tool for different functions. Assemble bender for bending quickly; assemble coiling tool for coiling around spring body quickly; assemble the cutter tool for cutting.



Mold No. FP-S1008
Wire dia. 0.1~0.8mm
Slide stroke 70 mm
Max. Feed value 99999.99mm
Min. Feed value 0.01mm
Max. Feed Speed 0~90M/min
Max. O.D. 50mm
Max. Leg Length 50mm
Max. Rotary quill angel 360°
Min. Rotary quill angel 0.1°
Power source AC 3PH 220V
Machine Dimensions (W)1450mm*(D)750mm*(H)1650mm / 625kgs
Control device Standard 10-axis
Standard axis 1 * Wire Feed
1 * Rotary Quill
1 * 360° Rotary device
7 * Servo Slides
Rotary Angle 0.1°~ +/- 360°
Motor of Rotary device 400W : 0.1 ~ 0.8mm


Optional accessories

Single spinner
Duble spinner
Parallel slide Plane translation left/right
Parallel slide(M1) Plane translation left/right, forward/backward
Twin Axle Rotary Quill Rotary quill and Rotary Bending device
360° Rotary Bending device
Customized quill & liner is available.