FV-210 8axes Potter spring former



Mechanical features:

● Servo Slide saves time for the cam shafts setup.
● 360 ° Potter Rotary device can be improved the accuracy and stability of precise spring, and reducing the

cost of the rotary wire mechanism as well
● Potter Rotary device increased machine capability by move up the production speed and reduce the time

of the cam shaft setup.
● One size wire diameter can be built for different products and suitable for small order without change the

● Potter Rotary device up to 360° for replaces many complex tooling found on a standard spring machines.


● It is the new product with lower price and multi-functional spring fromer.
● Use the Rotary device to be substituted for the Rotary wire disc equipment.
● The Rotary wire disc is suitable for the medium/thick wire diameter, but it cannot be satisfied for accuracy

and stability of the fine wire diameter.
● The Rotary wire disc is heavy and large which affects the production speed during rotation.
● Potter Rotary device runs flexibility and stability. It not only solves the instability of fine wire in the

rotation, but also saves time of circular motion during running through the wire disc to improve accuracy

and speed.