NASA: 2014 Continues Long-Term Global Warming


NASA initially claimed that according to their readings, 2014 was the warmest year since 1880. There was a video that showed time progression of the recorded temperature changes from 1880. The blue colors indicate cool weather and the red colors indicate the warm weather. As the video finished it can be noted that the blue colors are almost non-existent, while ...

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Top Ten Greenest Cities in the World for 2015


Top Ten Greenest Cities. The world is slowly turning sustainable and that is a good thing. Many cities are now Going Green. A proof is the continued growing list of the greenest cities in the world. But, what makes a city Green? How does one determine which is Greener than the other? Or how do worldwide organizations come up with ...

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Ten Amazing Facts about Bees


Bees are known for the sweet honey they produce, just as they are popular the world over for their perfectly constructed beehives and for effectively pollinating crops. But there are simple so much more about these buzzing small flying animals than that. The following are the ten amazing facts about bee that you may not be aware of. 1. They ...

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Get to Know the Top Ten Greenest Cities in the World for 2014

Vancouver, Canada

The world is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live in. Every single human being is privileged to be a part of all the wonders and beauty of this planet called Earth. Over time though, things happened and slowly, the world as known to mankind has changed. It is not a beautiful and as clean as it was before. Living becomes ...

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Green Education – What is an Environmental Degree Program?

Green Degree Program

Green Education is not just a hot topic but it has also turned into a hot career as well. That is the reason why more and more people are also going Green when it comes to their college education. Taking master green college degree has suddenly been a trend and even professionals are taking Green courses in order to elevate ...

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Get to Know the 12 Sustainable Things that Successful People Engage Into

Business people

Being successful in any endeavor or any chosen industry is not an easy achievement; even people that are born rich still need to be very persistent in their chosen careers and paths if they want to excel and to eventually succeed. Success was traditionally measure with the number of homes, cars and businesses an individual possesses. But today, success is ...

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The Beauty and Dependability of Electric Luxury Cars


Electric luxury cars are currently gaining popularity due to some obvious advantages that they can provide. They have indeed already attracted a good following of car enthusiasts and they are still carving their way into the mainstream. If you are thinking of purchasing an electric luxury car, it is important though to understand that you can only take them to ...

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How to Score a Date with a Rich Guy

dating couples

Dating is a natural thing. It is usually the first stage that a couple has to go through in order to find out if a relationship between them is possible or not. In some cases, people who go on dates already know each other, while there are those who date to know each other. For girls, young ladies and women, ...

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Top 5 Examples of Alternative Energy Resources

Solar Energy

Fuel has a wide arrange of application in our daily lives, that’s why oil products are extremely demanded all around the globe. So, a massive increase on its price is a big burden to every country’s economy and its citizens. Due to this, the international market emphasizes the urgency to assess all alternative energy available. The demand for these services ...

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How to Find Happiness, 20 Things Happy People Do

Happy People

Virtually, there is no person who does not want to be happy in life or to live a happy life. However, experience has shown that not everybody is happy in life. There are in fact many people who other people think that they have every reason to be happy yet they are always unhappy because of one reason or the ...

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Greatest and Unique Inspirational Sustainable Quotes

Sustainable Quotes

Sustainability is all about being able to endure. When it comes to the environment, it becomes something that defines the need to save the planet Earth. If the world becomes highly enabled for sustainability, there is a big chance that our Earth will have the enduring capacity to sustain life. Thus, the love for the planet is the reason why ...

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Treat Insomnia with the Top 10 Best Natural Sleep Remedies


You are very much aware that you need regular sleep to be able to function effectively and productively every day. But if you happen to be among the majority of busy individuals today, then you are either not getting enough sleep or you are waking up too often in the middle of the night. This is actually a very common ...

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World’s Most Expensive City to Live In

City of Tokyo

If you are planning to relocate and you are thinking that you can afford to live in a city where the cost living is beyond that of an ordinary man’s reach, then you will be glad you know that a recent survey showed that top 10 most expensive cities in the world to live in. In the result posted recently, ...

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Pick One of the Top 10 Green Degrees


The fact that more and more people are getting encouraged to go Green is the main reason why, each year, the number of students taking up green degrees is increasing. And because of the continuing rise in the demand for such degrees, more and more colleges are coming up with new and innovative programs. Going Green has certainly gone a ...

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High-End Eco-Fashion – The Evolution of Luxury

Eco friendly fashion

Eco-fashion is apparently becoming more and more important in out lives and even the luxury fashion market has adapted this trend. Over the last decade, reducing waste and cutting back on the use of non-renewable energy resources or “going green” has become quite commonplace. Many people have been implementing this practical practice by recycling, driving less, using fluorescent lamps instead ...

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