The automatic spring wire forming machine: Why you need to switch from analogue to digital

The automatic spring wire forming machine: Why you need to switch from analogue to digital
One truth about analogue spring machines is the fact that they are phasing out gradually. They are no longer fancied by manufacturing companies that are looking to manufacture different spring machine types. Rather, the automatic spring wire forming machines are more favoured for producing springs. These machines are known for being digital and for using automatic processes to increase their productivity.
Due to the improved functionalities and features that they offer to users, the machines are currently thought of as being the best for spring production. While the automatic spring machines are effective tools for spring production, the analogue machines are equally effective. But due to the introduction of the automatic version, the analogue version is known to have several shortcomings that may slow down business productivity.
The most amazing thing about it is that the automatic spring machines are being produced to correct the shortcomings of the analogue version of the spring machine. This is the reason why the automatic versions are preferred more by manufacturers of springs.
In this post, we shall analyse the different problems with the analogue spring machines and why spring manufacturing companies need to switch over to the automatic machines.

china spring making machine manufacturer (25)

china spring making machine manufacturer (25)

Some important facts about automatic spring machines
Before we fully go into the primary purpose of the post to highlight the problems that made the analogue machines so famous, we must understand several facts here. We have several facts about the efficiency of the analogue spring machines. Even though these machines do have several drawbacks and disadvantages, it is rational to say that they have been effectively used to produce springs over time. the thing about them is that these machines were among the first group of spring machines which were developed to completely make spring production fully automated.

Technically, analogue spring machines can be used to produce various springs rapidly in quick succession. There was a time when they were regarded as the best tools for producing various spring coilers which were meant for different needs. Additionally, in comparison to the automatic spring machines, the analogue version is super durable. The machines are very rugged and can withstand excessive pressure especially during production peak periods when demand is usually high.
With the above points considered, it is clear that the analogue spring machines come with benefits that people can concentrate on. Alternatively, people who plan to buy these machines to put them to future use, these benefits will certainly give them a bang for their buck.

The problems with analogue spring machines
With the benefits of the analogue spring machines completely highlighted above, it is important to understand the disadvantages of these machines which makes them less desirable. These are the disadvantages that people get when they make use of them.

High long-term costs
When most people get told that certain machines incur high long-term costs, they become very curious as to what this means. This simply means that a general cost of operating the machine will be incurred with time. Did you notice that most analogue spring machines are cheaper than the digital versions?
Some of these machines are in the market for as low as $10,000. While their automatic counterparts can get as expensive as $25,000. In some exceptional cases, some of these machines are sold close to $30,000. When you compare these costs, most buyers might be tempted to select the analogue spring machine instead of the automatic version.
Realistically, the analogue spring machines usually have long term costs than the other computerised machines. For example, when you have the analogue version in your spring production facility, you will need to spend more money to hire operators for the machine. Technically, spring production comes in various stages and every one of this stage needs to be properly monitored.
If the stages are monitored properly, you will be able to make sure that springs with the right measurements are produced. If you need this to happen, it means that you will need to get machine operators and supervisors to oversee the entire spring production process. This is because there might be adjustments to make during the production process.
With more people (supervisors and operators) in the production line, the cost of spring production will be increased with time. This means that there will likely be more costs of operation in comparison to the costs involved in the automatic spring wire forming machine. People with a limited budget might be tempted to first purchase the analogue machine, but they often run into problems when they realise how much they have to spend on maintenance.

Lots of errors
In an industrial and manufacturing facility, having excess errors can easily cause financial losses. For this reason, most spring manufacturing facilities prefer digital spring machines.
They seem to think that the analogue spring machines are susceptible to numerous errors. There are lots of manufacturing facilities that experience a lot of these losses in the past.
If the springs are produced badly without following the proper measurements that are demanded, there is a record of another loss. One reason for this irrecoverable loss is the fact that the errors can not be corrected easily, if possible.
Therefore, there is the need to hire people to make sure that the different production stages that the spring goes through are monitored properly. But for the digital machines, this is a much different matter as the production process is programmed. Since everything comes fully computerised, there is no room for mistakes. Then again, even if there are errors, they can be easily corrected with an input of the right commands.

china spring making machine manufacturer (21)

china spring making machine manufacturer (21)

Operational Difficulty
You might easily think that digital spring machines are too technical and complicated to operate. But the thing is that they are not all that technical. Rather, it is the analogue spring machines which are pretty challenging to operate. Considering this, it is another addition to the cost of operating such machines.

For example, you will need to spend some money to train your supervisors and operators that monitor every production stage. Furthermore, you will have to pay these supervisors and operators salaries regularly. You will also need to spend money on the maintenance of the machines. With the automatic machines, the production process is easily initiated by feeding the right commands into the system.

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