How Can I Maintain A Automatic Coiling Spring Machine?

How Can I Maintain A Automatic Coiling Spring Machine?
There are lots of benefits to be derived once coiling spring machine is used. For instance, they have been manufactured to ensure that there is large scale of spring coiler and spring washer production. For the first time, you get the chance of producing different types of spring coilers without any limitation. In case you happen to be in the line of producing different types of applications (small and heavy duty), there is need to make use of these machines.

It is true that they can easily automate the production process of springs more than you can ever imagine. However, there is one condition to make such happen. This is ensuring that your coiling spring machine is in the best of shape. Without this, there is always the problem of experiencing breakdown in the middle of production. Do you want to know the worst part about this? It is the fact that you can spend more repairing such machine as compared to the cost of maintenance.

Talking about maintenance, there are different ways to go about this process. This post will be aiming to reveal some of the most effective ways of maintaining a spring making machine. These are simple methods but they have proven to be very powerful once used in the past.

China Spring Making Machine Manufacturer (4)

China Spring Making Machine Manufacturer (4)

Educating the operators
There are different types of spring forming machines. For instance, there are manual and automatic or digital spring making machines. Trying to assume that your operators understand how these can be operated will only end up leading to a breakdown in such machine. The approach for operating manual spring coiling machine is quite different from that which possesses digital features. This is why you have to make every effort possible in order to ensure the operators have been equipped with the right knowledge.

The more exposure they have about such machine that is how its life will be prolonged. Therefore, always ensure that the operators are educated on how it can be operated. If you have to hire professionals who have been trained on such field, it is worth all the hassle. Imagine your operators pressing the right buttons in such machines. This means it will not be working under any condition that looks stressful.

Having cleaning schedule
Do you know that just like most applications, spring coiling machines can be damaged by dust, water and dirt? It is very important that you carry out a regular cleaning exercise for all the components to be cleaned. As a matter of fact, cleaning its components will ensure that any form of disappointment does not occur during production process. Some of such parts that required regular cleaning are coiling point, wire guides, feed rollers, cutter, block guide and others. Trying to ignore this exercise can cost you lots of money later on since repairs will be required.

It is also important that while trying to clean such components, caution should be taken. This is to ensure nothing is damaged. It is recommended that you hire the services of experts at regular intervals to handle this aspect without complaint. You can decide to do it every 2-3months. The reason for such recommendation is that these components will have to be re-installed after getting dismantled.

You may not understand how such process can be done perfectly to produce the right measurement of spring. This is where a professional may be needed. Whatever the case may be, always ensure regular cleaning of components to get rid of dust and other dirt from the machine.

Follow performance specifications
By performance specifications, we simply mean the maximum output that spring machine is expected to hit on daily basis. It is a wrong formula trying to use a machine excessively even beyond its limit. It is only a matter of time before such application will finally breakdown. Every spring forming machine that is manufactured has specification limits in terms of performance. If you ever want yours to work optimally, do not ever try to ignore this aspect as something may just go wrong eventually.

It is wrong to overuse a machine that is meant for small scale production of spring coilers and spring washers. For instance, if your spring has a capacity of producing 10,000 springs within 24hours, there is no need trying to go beyond such limit. The risk is that you may be hiring repairers on regular basis more than necessary. The best thing is sticking to the manufacturer performance specifications of such machine. This will make it be in perfect shape at all times. It means you will not experience any kind of disappointment in the middle of production.

Implementation of fluid analysis as well as condition-based training
Spring coiling machines are heavy-duty applications. Therefore, it is crucial for equipment fluids to be properly analyzed in the best way possible. If this is done properly, you will know once maintenance is needed or not. The problem with most people who operate spring coiling machines is that most maintenance they initiate are based on guesswork.

There are different types of techniques you can use for fluids like coolants, final drive trains, transmission, hydraulic, lubricating oil and more. There are different tests to be carried out such as those to identify contaminants and viscosities. This is also a part of preventative maintenance program in case you do not know. When done properly, it gives you an idea of the condition of a spring forming machine. You will understand once components need replacement or repair.

China Spring Making Machine Manufacturer (5)

China Spring Making Machine Manufacturer (5)

Based on the facts above, it is obvious that you need to always keep a spring coiling machine in very good shape. The reason why you need to take the above tips seriously is that these machines are very expensive. Sometimes the least amount to purchase a manual machine is around $10,000 while digital or automatic machines can go for about $30,000. In a situation whereby you cannot understand how such machine can be maintained in terms of servicing, it is recommended to hire a professional company.

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