Why My Spring Coiling Machine Is Not Working?

Why My Spring Coiling Machine Is Not Working?
The advent of spring forming machines has led to lots of automation processes which otherwise would not have been possible in any way. For instance, they are existing to ensure the process of producing springs is automated completely. This means you do not have to struggle in terms of how such items are produced. As a matter of fact, technology has advanced so much that most spring coiling machines have been digitalized. This implies that you only need to have few buttons pressed and the springs will begin to form.

Despite all of these benefits being mentioned above, it is important to note that there are times when spring machines may not function as expected. The major challenge is that most people do not know problems that can go wrong with their spring forming machines. Not being aware of such problem can even make you spend lots of money hiring the services of a repairer. There are some faults you can handle on your own. Even when you cannot handle them, it is important to know them in order to understand the best hands who can repair them.

china spring making machine manufacturer (15)

china spring making machine manufacturer (15)

Here is the solution
Are you looking for what could be wrong with your spring coiling machine? Do you know that such is easy to find out when you know the right place to look? There is absolutely no need trying to rack your brains as this post will definitely prove to be of great help today. It will be aiming to highlight some of the problems that could be making your spring coiling machine not to work as expected at the moment.

Driver parameter problem
Have you ever noticed that a spring coiling machine is producing an unusual noise? It could be something you have not heard of before in such machine. There are lots of factors responsible for this problem. However, the most common happens to be when the driver parameter has developed some fault. Initially, it will start generating a strange sound. However, it will become worse as time goes on when not given proper attention.

For a spring coiling machine to work 100% as expected, its mechanical accuracy has to be spot on. This is the responsibility of a driver parameter. It is existing to ensure high level of accuracy in springs that are produced. If you do not want the performance of such machine to be affected, it is better to address this problem especially when it has not gotten serious.

The mistake most people make is that when their spring machines start generating noise, they usually assume such to be normal. Although they have been built to produce some noise while working, such has to be moderate. Anything strange or unusual can simply be interpreted as meaning there is problem with its driver parameter. Trying to ignore this problem can bring about something more complicated thereby leading to breakdown of such machine later on.

Mechanical precision problems
Just like the problem of driver parameter being explained above, this can lead to unusual noise in your spring coiling machine. Have you ever noticed a sound that is sharp while the motor is running? Although every spring coiling machine has motor, their sounds are always smooth. Anything short of this can simply mean there is a mechanical precision problem. This is usually as a result of the motor not functioning as expected.
Motors are very delicate and sophisticated components of spring coiling machines. If you do not attend to them promptly, there is every chance that their components can start developing other faults which may require lots of money to put in order. When a mechanical precision occurs, springs being produced by such machine may not have measurements that are accurate.

It is mechanical precision for instance, that is responsible for measurement of springs. In other words, it has a very crucial role to play in such process. When this happens, you could give a spring machine commands to make production but the end-product will not be accurate. When mechanical precision problems occur, it can lead to waste of materials when not addressed as quickly as possible.

Lack of regular servicing
Just like every other machines that are used in producing various components, spring making machines always require regular servicing. Failure to do this can cause lots of malfunctioning. For instance, in the case of digital spring making machines, you can give commands and not get the expected end product. A starting point is having damaged components replaced to avoid further breakdown.

There are times when spring machines may breakdown due to some parts being damaged. You can hire the services of a professional repair company to handle such process. Most of the time, specialized tools will be required to have them replaced for proper functioning. Regular servicing is great given that it can help to extend the lifespan of such machine. According to experts, one of the implications of not servicing a spring forming machine regular is jerking. The machine will be stopping abruptly after working for some time.

Technical problem
Have you ever noticed a situation when a spring machine refuses to produce as expected despite commands being given? This is usually common with digital spring machines where computers are required to start the production process. Such could be a technical problem. For instance check whether the wires of such computer are properly connected to the spring forming machine.

Also, check whether the right command has been given that can aid the machine work as expected. This is very important and should not be taken for granted. Without a proper connection between the machine and computer, nothing may work well.

china spring making machine manufacturer (14)

china spring making machine manufacturer (14)

Having seen the above, it is obvious that there are lots of problem which can prevent a spring coiling machine from working very well. It is recommended you hire an expert company to check yours instead of trying to handle it by yourself. This will ensure nothing is damaged any further.

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