Why my automatic cnc spring forming machine stopped working

Why my automatic cnc spring forming machine stopped working
There are a host of things you can start looking for whenever your spring forming machine stops working. You most certainly do not need to be a professional before you can do this. All you need is just a bit of information and guide and you can confirm what is wrong with your spring coiling machine and seek the required help.
When you are aware of the challenge your machine is having, it puts you and your repair man on the same page. That way you can even start figuring how to resolve the problem. Or even have it fixed yourself if it is something that does not require too much technicalities.
But how do you go about this so you do not end up making a bad situation look worse, if you know what I mean? Here are a few guidelines to help you know what is wrong with your spring making machine. Follow them and you should be fine.
This article will focus on some of the most common problems that have been associated with spring forming machines. So take note of that. There could be others. We begin with;

china spring making machine manufacturer (19)

china spring making machine manufacturer (19)

Faulty spring coils
Most times the springs formed from such machines are designed to come out coiled. That is how so many springs are expected to be. If this is not happening as it ought to, then the machine is having a fault. As someone who may not be a professional of spring coiling machines, when something like that happens, you should go straight to the coiling point and ascertain its status.
It is very possible that something else might be obstructing the service of the coiling point. Or most likely, it could use a new replacement for it to work well again. Either way, look at it properly and also examine other related parts of the machine. Basically, that should help you solve a problem of that nature.

Cutters are also suspects
Generally, spring forming machines are designed to function similarly. After coiling the spring, the cutter chops it off into an independent unit. That is how it is going to continue until the spring material has been cut into the number of springs needed or according to the length of the material. Very straightforward. Nothing hidden about it!
So try to imagine a spring coiling machine with a faulty cutter. It will be very obvious you would not need to get any professional to tell you. They start cutting the spring too early or too late, forcing the spring to be formed out of shape. In other worse case scenarios, it could even resort to shutting down of the entire machine, particularly if you are using the sensitive digitally controlled models. All you need to notice when a cutter is bad is just a close look. By watching the springs closely and observing the cutter itself, you can quickly tell when something is wrong.

Wire guide
Like every other part of this esteemed machine, the wire guide is expected to be in top shape for the machine to deliver the goods with high-quality. Overlooking any part of the machine as being insignificant is only going to create trouble for you later on. Having more than the necessary load on a wire guide can become a huge challenge. One way or the other it is going to affect the operation of the machine.
To correct this problem, go straight to the servo unit. That is where the complication always arises from. With just some servicing and maintenance, your wire guide can come back to normal. Otherwise, you may have to do a replacement for it work perfectly again. Nothing should be considered insignificant in a spring making machine. Machines are usually built to function as a whole so no part of it should be left unattended to. Not even the simple looking wire guide.

As a spring making machine keeps reeling out its products, it is believed that the abhor is what maintains the pitch of the spring. Without a proper pitch, springs will not come out uniformly. That could create a problem between you and your clients. Moreover, the operations of the machine will be incomplete without the abhor.
Therefore, anytime you notice the machine having any problem with its pitch, quickly assess the abhor and see it if is still good. This is another significant part of the machine that can influence the quality of output you are producing. You need the best abhor for a top-quality production. It is as simple and straightforward as that.

A spring forming machine that overheats is one thing you want to avoid at all costs. It is not only going to make a mess of your materials but it will equally result to some kind of loss in capital. It will amount to a waste of your time and resources because the machine will keep shutting down to avoid a complete breakdown.
You may not be able to do this one since it will require you to check the inner part of the machine. But if you are willing to give it a shot, then open the machine to examine moving parts. They may need to be lubricated. With adequate lubrication, your machine should never experience anything like overheating. In other instances, you may need to change the bad parts, and it will just start working like nothing happened. Ensure your machine is properly maintained so you do not have to experience this.

china spring making machine manufacturer (9)

china spring making machine manufacturer (9)

There are a zillion things that will come to your mind anytime your machine stops working. Could it be that? Or could it be this? Naturally, you will formulate several scenarios in your head just to see whether you can figure out the problem. While they are many, you could start the ones that have been mentioned in this post. They are all geared towards helping you solve those minor issues that plague any spring forming machine.

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