What Types Of Mechanical Springs Do Precision CNC Spring Coiling Machines Produce?

What Types Of Mechanical Springs Do Precision CNC Spring Coiling Machines Produce?
Spring coiling machines have really automated the process through which springs are created in recent times. It does not really matter whether you plan to produce spring on a small or large scale. This is because these machines can handle such process without any hassle. For instance, there is no need going through the rigorous process of creating such machines since they can be done with the click of few buttons. Even in an analogue spring making machine, the process is also semi-automated. This means you do not have to do too much hardwork before springs will begin to form.

Despite the positive contributions of spring forming machines over the years, it has been discovered that there are people who seem to be adamant about taking advantage of what they have to offer. This can be traced to the fact that they are confused about what types of springs these machines have been designed to produce.

Are you amongst these people who have been mentioned above? Do you know that spring coiling machines can produce various forms of springs which are used different purposes? This post will be revealing the various forms of springs that such machines can produce. There is no doubting the fact that after checking out the details below, you will definitely be amazed by their potentials. The truth is that these machines truly represent the future when it comes to automated spring production. Find out more about all of these below. It should be noted that these springs will be listed out based on their shapes.

china spring making machine manufacturer (40)

china spring making machine manufacturer (40)

Belleville springs
These are probably some of the most popular springs that are being formed by spring making machines. Their combination and usage processes are quite easy. Also, centralized load transmission is what they have always been known for over the years. You will mostly find these types of springs in mechanical industries whereby they seem to be a perfect replacement for cylindrical springs. There is something special and unique about these springs. This is the fact that as compared to other types of springs you will come across, they have one of the largest energy deformation/unit volume.

Furthermore, their ability to absorb shock has been improved on when compared to other springs. In other words, their shock-absorption capacity is better. The reason for this is simply because their surface has a friction damping effect. These springs are used more than ever before in different industries today due to how reliable they can be. For instance, they are used in machine tools, power, metallurgy, construction, and engineering industries. The list is almost endless when it comes to how Belleville springs are being put to various uses across industries in the world. Such is simply due to how they can withstand high amount of pressure.

Flat springs
Just as their name implies, they are usually produced in a flat shape. Another name that they are called could be leaf spring, plate spring, or even single-spacing springs. They are very popular amongst the various forms of springs that are produced by spring making machines. In order to make such a spring, you will need a metal sheet since it is one of the major materials for such production process. These springs usually have some elastic features which are obvious whenever their curling direction seems opposite to force application direction.

One of the major positives about these types of springs is that they can only be used in spaces that are narrow. This makes them perfect for different scenarios. However, caution has to be taken since they have a lower energy-saving efficiency when compared to what spiral spring has got to offer. However, its load bearing capacity is pretty impressive. This is because it can bear larger amount of load. This is the reason why it used majorly in motor vehicles, and trains.

Conical springs
These springs take the shape of a cone when their production process has been concluded. They are perfect when it comes to bearing tension and pressure as compared to most other springs. Conical springs are probably one of the first form of springs that were produced by spring making machines. They are popular and can be very flexible in terms of their level of usage. Their bearing force seems small though. These springs work in a very easy way that anyone can understand. For instance, as it is pressed downwards, each of the coil will start shrinking into the plane of its larger circle.

Have you seen those flashlight devices that use battery? You must have noticed they have springs right? Conical springs are what have been installed in such devices. Another typical example of these forms of springs at work is the traditional spring bed which were used during the 60s. These had conical springs that could be compressed downwards.

Friction springs
Friction springs are also very popular in different industries. Most of the time, they are featured by different outer and inner rings which come with surfaces that have conical shapes. These rings (outer and inner) have steel which they have been made with. These could be alloy steel that is frictional resistant or carbon steel. Whatever the case may be, one thing is always certain about such materials. This is the fact that they are always of premium quality.

These springs go through a process that is a little bit technical due to how they are to be used. For instance, each of the rings is going to be rolled to align with its supposed shape. The aim is to ensure the bearing capacity is improved. Just like the other rings being mentioned above, it can carry large amount of load without breaking down. Also, the shock-absorption capacity is great. It is used in places where there are limited spaces.

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china spring making machine manufacturer (21)

Based on the facts that have discussed above, it is clear that spring making machines can produce different types of springs. These are useful in one industry or another. It is all about understanding the production processes for each springs since they are quite different.

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