What Is The Difference Between Extension Springs and Torsion Springs In Industrial Manufacturing?

What Is The Difference Between Extension Springs and Torsion Springs?
It has been discovered that most people do not understand the difference between extension springs and torsion springs. There are those who even feel both are the same in lots of regards which is not true in any way. As simple as this problem may sound, it can deprive you of making your application work very well as expected. This is because you will be confused about whether to make use of extension spring or torsion spring. Therefore, having knowledge about extension springs and torsion springs is very crucial.

china spring making machine manufacturer (39)

china spring making machine manufacturer (39)

Are you amongst people who have been mentioned above? Do you know that understanding the difference between torsion and extension spring can make all the difference when it comes to making an application or machine work? It does not really matter whether you are using one of those heavy-duty machines at the moment. Not being able to tell the difference between both can deprive you of experiencing the benefits that such application has got to offer.

There is no need trying to bother about where to find such information. This post will be revealing some of the areas where extension springs and torsion springs have proven to be different. Pay serious attention to the details below since they will help you make a wise choice on which of the springs to install in your application.

What are extension springs?
Extension springs are one of the most common springs in applications. These have been built in order to create a strong resistance to any pulling force between mechanisms. The aim of the spring being installed in applications is to bring components together whenever they are trying to remain separated. You must have seen them before in one application or the other.

They work in a similar way. This is by having their hooks attached to the extreme ends of such components. The spring has been coiled in a very tight way to ensure the components are pulled together in an effective manner. For the pulling force to be created, these springs will absorb as well as store energy. It is important to know that extension springs have different designs. These are perfect for different applications and machines.

Talking about applications, extension springs can be found in most of the devices in the market today. These could be washing devices, carburetors, vise-grip pliers, garage door assemblies and others. You can also find in the interior as well as exterior of vehicles.

The picture above is a typical example of extension springs and how they look like. You will notice the hooks at their ends. These are usually attached to the components to ensure they are pulled together once there seems to be separation.

What are torsion springs ?
There is a very clear difference between torsion springs and extension springs. This is evident in terms of how they have been designed. Unlike extension springs, they have twisted ends along their axis. When twisted, mechanical energy is stored. One of the facts you will always notice about a torsion spring is that energy is stored in rotational motion. Also, they are existing to exert force that is proportional to the applied force. This usually takes place in opposite direction though.

Torsion spring has been built in a way that they can either work clockwise or even anti-clockwise. There are times when these springs can be used in the same applications or machines like extension springs. However, note that in such situations, the functionalities may be different. In other words, they work in a different way.

There are lots of applications that make use of torsion springs. These could be vehicle suspension, ramps, tailgates, mouse traps, clothespin, garage doors, mouse traps, clipboards, digital cameras and more. In simple terms, you can see that torsion are usually put in items that are characterized by rotational movements.

china spring making machine manufacturer (40)

china spring making machine manufacturer (40)

The picture above is a torsion spring. You can see it has coil just like an extension spring. However, they both tend to be different in terms of their ends. Torsion springs have ends that are twisted in different directions.

What is the difference between torsion spring and extension spring?
Based on the above explanation, there is something obvious about both springs. This is how they have been designed to pull objects. For instance, extension springs have hooks which can be attached to components thereby using force in pulling them together once they appear to be separated. Although torsion springs can also ensure that two mechanisms or components are held together, their designs are different. They tend to generate motion in a different way.

Another aspect to consider is that torsion springs do not extend like extension springs. For instance, when an extension spring is installed in an overhead door, you will notice it experiences contraction and expansion. Torsion springs are different given that they can only turn. This is how they carry out their functions. Simply put, just as extension springs are known for expansion and contraction, torsion springs do turn.

Torsion springs have proven to be more reliable than extension springs over the years. This is one of the reasons they are becoming very popular. For instance, they can last up to 20,000 cycles when installed as compared to extension springs which have a maximum of 10,000 cycles. A typical example is that if your garage door uses torsion spring, it will last for about 6-7years when opened 4 times every day. A torsion spring will last much longer.

Finally, torsion springs have been designed in a way that they can be easily maintained. There is usually no issue of wear and tear when it comes to using such springs. Extension springs on the other hand require more parts. This will lead to increased demand in terms of maintenance of your application.

Based on the above details, it is obvious that torsion spring and extension spring are both different in various aspects. Trying to take these into serious consideration before deciding on which one to install will be of great help.

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