What Is A Dual Point CNC Spring Making Machine For Spring Production?

What Is A Dual Point CNC Spring Making Machine For Spring Production?
Spring coiling machines are more popular today than they were many decades back. We have had several versions of this same machine hit the market from time to time. Some of them are of the single points while the others possess the double point coiler feature.

china spring making machine manufacturer (16)

china spring making machine manufacturer (16)

It is possible that you have heard of the dual point spring making machine but you are not sure of what it is. If that is you, then relax those nerves of yours. You are about to learn about dual point in spring forming machines, as well as some other important information in the field of coil formers. Highlighted below are some of the things you ought to know;

Dual point coilers
Dual point coilers have a unique ability that enables them manufacture extension and round compression springs. These double point coilers are swarming the industry in large numbers. They have definitely added some more style to the way springs are produced. Perhaps, you are working with a client that is looking forward to manufacturing compression springs. Your best bet for getting this done is through dual point coilers since it cuts down the chances of creating any marks on the coil ID. This revolutionary discovery and addition to spring making machines have taken spring formation to a whole new level. We will talk about their counterpart in the subsequent sections.

The origin of double point coilers
There is nothing extraordinarily different about double point coilers when it comes to the spring making industry. Sometimes you may be forced to look at things from the standpoint of culture. That is, these machine types are more related to areas or regions than you want to think of them as something else. The dual point coilers have had a long existing history with the Europeans. It was the manufacturers around there that decided to come up with it. North Americans, on the other hand, were fonder of using the single point coilers. These were the designs that were unique to both regions. The Europeans developed what they thought was convenient for them, and the Americans did the same.

Which one is better – single or double?
If you followed the post from the last paragraph, you would understand the double point coilers have nothing to do with superiority. Anyone who is telling you that one is better than the other probably does not have a good idea of how the machine works. Rather, it all boils down to preference. The Europeans liked it double, and the Americans preferred their coilers to be single. So it actually depends on what you like, and how comfortable you are with the operation of the machine. You might want to have a look at how both machines are operated to know which one will be most suitable for someone like you.

Where can I find the double point coiler?
Spring making machines are no longer restricted to any particular region like it was many years back. The single point and dual point coilers can be found in any part of the world today. They have become widely used across the world in recent times. It is easy for you to bump into the double point or single point coilers where you live. You must also understand that the two of them are very good in spring formations. I am not sure that one is better than the other. There is no superiority feature in one over the others. As long as you are okay with how it works, you should be able to find one close to you. Or you can even buy from afar and have it shipped to where you are.

Benefits and drawbacks
We cannot seem to overemphasize the fact that you need to be comfortable with how each machine type works before settling for it. Otherwise, it will have a downturn on your productivity, and you have yourself to blame. The single and double point coilers have their unique advantages over one another. You must discover all these things so you can know which one fits with your style the most. Both types of machines equally have their disadvantages and shortcomings. Try as much as you can to identify all these pointers before you make a purchase. That way, you can hope for the best in your spring forming adventures.

Flexibility in spring production
In the aspect of production flexibility, that is the ability to develop various types of springs, you might want to give it to single point coilers. They have a feature that makes it possible for the spring coiling point to be increased or lowered without too much stress. This single feature allows this machine type to birth springs of various kinds. Achieving the same feat with a double point coiler may be a bit difficult. So if you know you will be working with various spring designs eventually, I would recommend you go with single point coiler machines. But should you have other reasons why you may need to go with the other, then check accordingly so you do not make any mistake.

china spring making machine manufacturer (11)

china spring making machine manufacturer (11)

The world of spring forming machines is large and unending. The technology only seems to get better and better every passing day. The double point coilers have proven to be quite useful in developing compression as well as extension springs. In contrast to what many people have thought in the past, these machines are not limited to any region. You can find both of them in anywhere they are being sold. We stated that these machines only came to be because that was what the inventors were comfortable working with. They both have their unique advantages and disadvantages over one another. It was also established that if you are going for flexibility, you should stick with the single point coiler machine. Finally, it all boils down to what the operator is convenient with. Go through the features and know which one works best for you.

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