What Are The Faults That Can Affect A Digital CNC Spring Forming Machine?

What Are The Faults That Can Affect A Digital CNC Spring Forming Machine?
There is no doubting the fact that digital spring making machines are very reliable. For instance, they can be used for years in producing different types and sizes of springs. These spring making machine once used properly, can last for decades thereby providing good value for money. This is one of the reasons why companies seem to be exploring their options at the moment. Such has made lots of people to believe that these machines do not develop or experience any fault over their years of usage. This is a wrong assumption as digital spring forming machines are just like any other application.

They can experience breakdown due to one reason or another. In case you are one of those who believe that digital spring making machines do not develop any faults while being used, ensure to read the details of this post. It will be revealing some of the faults that you are likely to experience while making use of such machines. The best part is that you will not just be discovering these problems. In addition to such, some solutions will be proferred. These will help ensure your digital spring coiling machine is in the best of conditions.

china spring making machine manufacturer (30)

china spring making machine manufacturer (30)

Improper operation
The problem of improper operation is very common in digital spring making machines. For instance, production of springs is meant to go from one stage to another. Wires (raw materials) are expected to move from one component to another before they can become finished products. However, this may not be the case especially when the machine has been operated incorrectly by the operator. This is one of the reasons why digital spring forming machines malfunction.

They begin to produce the wrong shapes as well as sizes of springs. It happens when the operator does not possess the right skill requirements that can ensure it is operated effectively. A machine may be operated but such does not mean it is working smoothly. For instance, the wrong commands have been given for springs to be produced. Do not forget that manufacturers of these spring machines have laid out some procedures that are expected to be followed while being operated.

There is only one solution that can help you avoid this fault from being experienced. This is ensuring that your operators of such machine have the required knowledge and skill to enable the machine work in good condition. It is very important to organize adequate training programs for operators of these machines. Such provides them with a platform where they can learn and master how it should be effectively operated.

Have a program organized for them whereby their knowledge about how digital spring machine works can be updated. This will enable them operate such machine in the right way as instructed by its manufacturers. As a matter of fact, the more you invest in updating the knowledge of digital spring machine operators, that is how they will perform much better while trying to get such machines operated.

Damaged components
Have you ever made use of a digital spring making machine only to discover after some time that production is not going as expected? In such case, there is every chance that some components have been damaged. Digital spring machines have various components like cutter, feed rollers and many others. These have their specific functions or roles during production process. However, there are times when springs produced may not be the ones expected due to one or two components being faulty.

One of the most obvious reasons for this problem is when preventive maintenance is not carried out whenever due. In other words, components are not replaced when they start depreciating. Instead, they are used until their bad conditions start affecting other parts of the machine therefore, slowing down production process. Even the computers whereby commands are being given to specify the type of spring which needs to be produced, it is very crucial that preventive maintenance procedures are carried out on them at regular intervals.

For instance, the system can experience some lagging issues especially when there is lack of software update. Just as explained above, the only way to overcome a challenge of this nature is ensuring that your digital spring forming machine is maintained on a regular basis. You do not have to wait until something goes wrong or there is immense pressure for damaged components to be replaced. This can affect the production process in a negative way. In a worst case scenario, the machine can even be damaged beyond repair.

Production of wrong springs
Most people believe that digital spring making machines are very accurate. In other words, they are of the opinion that such machines do not make any mistake during production. The truth is that these machines are also prone to errors. The only thing is that as compared to analogue spring making machines, their errors are quite minimal and almost unnoticeable. However, they can be experienced from time to time during production. When this happens, the first thing you may want to think about is faulty components. Although you may be right, there is every chance that such may not even be the problem.

The major cause of this problem can be lack of proper monitoring. Digital spring making machines do not only require giving commands through pressing some buttons. Instead, operators are meant to check the production process. This gives them the understanding or awareness that the right commands have been given.

Most errors being experienced in the production of springs via digital spring coiling machine can be easily correct by constant monitoring. It helps the operators to know where something must have gone wrong. Sometimes, a command has to be cancelled and reinitiated again to avoid loss.

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china spring making machine manufacturer (21)

Based on the above, it is very obvious that there are different faults which can affect your digital spring making machine. These applications are not immune to faults which is why caution has to be exercised to ensure they are in a very perfect condition.

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