What Are The Different Types of Extension Springs?

What Are The Different Types of Extension Springs?
Most people do not understand much about extension springs. They believe that such springs are limited in terms of their usage which is not true. Extension springs are very popular when compared to other springs you will find in the market. It is basically all about knowing what you want to use them for. In other words, the application these springs are used in matters a lot in other to have a firsthand benefit of their functionalities and features.

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china spring making machine manufacturer (25)

What you are yet to understand
Are you wondering what extension springs are? Do you know that these springs have a variety of uses far beyond what most people believe? Extension springs are used in different applications (both home-made and industrial) due to their highly flexible and versatile nature. You have come to the right place where everything about extension springs will be explained clearly.

Basically speaking, it will discussing the various types of extension springs you can stumble upon. There is no doubt that after checking out the details, you will have a much better understanding about the extension spring that is perfect for your project.

What is an extension spring?
These are springs which contain heretical wound coils that have been tightly wrapped together. The major aim is for tension to be created. It is the reason why they are also referred to as tension springs. Just as said earlier on, these springs are becoming more flexible than ever before. This is because they are included in most applications in recent times.

For instance, you can find them in exterior and interior of automobiles, washing devices, garage door assemblies, trampolines, vise-grip pliers, toys, farm machinery and many others. In fact, the use of these springs does not have any limitation. This is because you can decide to make use of them anywhere extended force is required.

Extension springs are created to achieve one major aim. This is to ensure that between two mechanisms, a pulling force can be exerted. It does this process through the storage of energy. They are existing in applications to bring mechanisms together once they happen to be separated. One of the reasons why these springs have become very popular is their high level of reliability when being used.

For instance, they can last for as long as 9years before being due for replacement. Even when there is a problem of extension spring failure, they do not break. They only fail when gaps start appearing within their coils. As a matter of fact, the minimum timespan for any extension spring is 7years. The above picture is a typical example of extension springs and what they look like. You must have seen such springs in some of your applications in the past.

Types of extension springs
Do you know that extension springs are of different types? As a matter of fact trying to use the wrong extension spring for your project can cause more damage than imagined. This is probably why you need to focus fully on this part in order to identify the ideal spring to be used at different periods of time.

The difference majorly lies in their end types as you will soon discover. Some of the various forms of extensions springs are explained below:

Machine hooks
In case you do not know, machine hooks extension springs are the most common types. They tend to form directly off such spring. They are usually preferred in most applications due to their reliability. The hook is not that pronounced or obvious. In order for this extension to be made, some parts of the coil will be bent out. In fact, the amount of coil to be bent out is around ¾. From the picture below, you will notice how the coil has been bent out.

Cross Over Center Hooks
These extension springs are also very common but not like machine hooks explained above. They have bends that are more pronounced. In order to make this hook, the last coil is usually lifted. The coil will then be twisted towards the center. When this is properly done, you will notice that it crosses the center.

china spring making machine manufacturer (24)

china spring making machine manufacturer (24)

In the picture above, you will notice how the last coil has been bent towards the center. It is a typical of example of cross center hook.

Side hooks
These forms of extension springs are not very common. The only time they become necessary is when the body of such spring is not expected to have any interference with parts of the mechanism. There is a slight difference between side hooks and cross center hooks mentioned above. Therefore, it is recommended you ask questions and make necessary research before purchasing any of them in order to make your application work fine.

To make side hooks, you only need to have the last hook bent out completely as shown above. As compared to cross over hooks, they are very economical.

Extended hooks
These extension springs have functions which seem to be the same as side hooks above. They are important or useful when more force is needed to pull two mechanisms together. Most of the time, extended hooks are characterized by shorter coils to ensure they are working as expected. Amongst other types of extension hooks, this is the most expensive. In the picture below, you will notice how the hook has been extended while the coil remains short.

No Hooks
Have you ever seen those springs that do not have any hook? They are the most affordable extension springs you can get in the market. Their presence become important when no pressure is required in an application. They also tend to last longer than others.

Based on the above, it can be seen that extension springs are of different types. It is important that you have to select the one that is most ideal for your project before making the decision to buy from a seller. The different types that have been explained above have their specific functions.

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