What Are The Dangers of Not Maintaining A Spring Coiling Machine?

Digital spring machines are known for their efficiency and reliability when it comes to producing different types of springs. They ensure that the entire process is automated from start to finish thereby producing thousands of springs in a very fast way. Before its advent, most companies struggled in this production process. They spent lots of time in producing springs. There was also the problem of springs not being accurately measured thereby leading to loss after loss. However, the advent of spring forming machines has changed lots of ways that springs are manufactured. For instance, the process is not just automated but also allows lots of springs to be produced.

china spring making machine manufacturer (18)

china spring making machine manufacturer (18)

Here is the challenge

Despite all the benefits of spring making machines being outlined above, you have to exercise caution while making use of these machines. The reason is quite simple to understand as it may not produce as many springs as mentioned above. This is especially true when such machines are not properly maintained. As matter of fact, for spring machines to be automated, maintenance is very crucial. In other words, it should never be ignored or overlooked in any way.

Are you wondering about why a spring coiling machine should be maintained on regular basis? Do you know that there are lots of dangers for not doing such? This post will be aiming to explain some implications that lack of maintenance of a spring forming machine can cause. The details below is to help you see reasons why such machines should be kept in the best shape.

Machine breakdown

This is an instance whereby the machine is damaged and thus, cannot produce springs in the most efficient manner. Maintenance can come in various ways. However, it always geared towards one thing which is prolonging the lifespan of a spring coiling machine. For instance, when you fail to offer the right training for personnel who operate such machine, there is likely to be problems in the long run. This will be reflected in the way such machine is being operated.

The better operators understand how to handle the components, that is how it will work in a healthy way. Many machines breakdown because operators do not follow instructions with regards to how they can be effectively operated. Some do not even know the maximum output per day of such spring coiling machine. Most of the time, a spring coiling machine can breakdown due to poor maintenance. The implication of this is that you will likely spend more money having to put it in a good working condition.

There are lots of parts or components in these machines that require regular maintenance. These could be cutters, wire guides, feed rollers and many others. This is why preventive maintenance is strongly recommended to ensure your spring coiling machine is in the best shape. It is a situation where damaged parts or faulty components are removed before they will start altering the process of production. Please note that doing this process excessively is not encouraged since you may be spending unnecessarily.

Errors in production

Do you know that one of the major causes of errors being experienced during production is because of faulty machines? When a spring forming machine is not properly taken care of, there is every chance that it will start producing the wrong springs in terms of sizes and shapes. This usually happens when the machine begins to malfunction. Most people believe that such problem could be due to the machines not being operated correctly. While this can also be a factor, there is every reason to believe that errors can occur during production when the spring making machine is properly maintained.

This is usually common in the case of manual or analogue spring coiling machines where all the process or stages of production will need to be monitored. There are lots of components involved here like cutter, wire guides and feed rollers. If anyone malfunctions due to poor maintenance, there is every chance that the production will no longer be accurate as expected.

For instance, the cutter has the role of cutting and releasing springs that have gone through every other stage of production. However, it may not cut effectively once it is faulty. A problem like this can lead to a complete breakdown of the entire machine.

Sudden depreciation

Depreciation is a situation whereby your spring machine begins to lose value with the passage of time. This is common in both digital and analogue spring making machine. It does not really matter the level of maintenance that you carry out on these machines as they are always bound to depreciate. However, you should be very much bothered about the time that such is going to take place. In other words, is it going to happen sooner or later? Failure to maintain a spring forming machine means that you are only making way for it to depreciate sooner.

These machines have been produced or designed to last for decades before breaking down. However, such only depends on the level of maintenance that users will be applying on them over the years. There is something most people do not know about spring forming machines. This is the fact that the level of maintenance given to them will always determine whether they will have second-hand value or not over the years.

Poorly maintained spring making machines do not have high second-hand value. As a matter of fact, some even get damaged beyond repair. If you can check such machine components on a regular basis, there is every chance that it will not just last for years. In addition to such, its second-hand value will be very high.

china spring making machine manufacturer (8)

china spring making machine manufacturer (8)


Having seen the above, it is obvious that there are lots of serious implications you can suffer due to failure of maintaining a spring coiling machine. It does not matter whether you are using a digital or analogue machine as such will always develop some problems. The best thing to always do is ensure regular maintenance.

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