What Are The Components Of CNC Spring Coiling Machines?

What Are The Components Of CNC Spring Coiling Machines?
There is a problem most owners and operators of spring coiling machines usually experience. This is the fact that they do not really understand how to get the best from such applications while making use of them. In other words, they tend to always struggle when it comes to ensuring such machines produce optimally. There is usually one problem that can be responsible for this challenge. Such has to do with their lack of knowledge on how the components of a spring forming machine have been designed to function.

In case you do not know, lacking understanding about this aspect of your spring making machine can cost you more in the long run. For instance, it can make you spend money to hire the services of a repairer when such may not be necessary in the real sense. This is because you can easily spot the various components and tell whether they are functioning as expected or not.

Are you struggling to identify the components of a spring coiling machine? Do you know that such is not complicated especially when you understand the right place to look at? The major aim of this post is to reveal some of the most notable components you will find in a spring making machine. After checking out the details below, you will not only know these components but also how each one has been designed to function for optimal performance in such application.

china spring making machine manufacturer (17)

china spring making machine manufacturer (17)

Coiling point
This is a very important part of any spring making machine. As a matter of fact, if this component is faulty, there is every chance that springs will not form as expected? Have you ever noticed a situation whereby springs do not have their expected shapes? Even when they do, such is not as accurate as expected. This is the role of a component known as coiling point.

It is that point whereby wires are pushed into coiled shapes. You may be asking how it actually gets this process completed. This is very simple as the trajectory wire will go through a deflection process. The wire always has an angle of deflection which depends on the set parameters.

It should be noted that spring making machines have different coiling points. In other words, they tend to differ when it comes to how many coiling points they have. There are some that have more coiling points than others. Always note that the more the better. If you are going to be producing springs on a large scale, it is great to purchase a machine with numerous coiling points. It has been discovered that such machines are always very productive.

Feed rollers
In case you do not know, there is no spring coiling machine that can function without the presence of feed rollers. Simply put, these machines are incomplete without such components. Their functions are similar to how they sound. This is bringing wires to the location of guides. They carry out this process by having to rotate over and over again. In a situation whereby you notice the feed rollers are static (not rotating), know that they could be faulty. At such point, it is recommended you hire a repairer to have it checked out.

Feeds can be divided into about 3 groups. Also, grove sizes are usually different and are expected to align with grove which is within such wire grove. The most important thing to note as explained above when it comes to feed rollers is their circular motion movement. This must take place while they are being operated.

Wire guides
These are another crucial set of crucial components in a spring coiling machine. They are usually characterized by flat shapes. Without their presence, feed rollers may find it very hard functioning properly. In these machines, it is always expected that grove sizes should be the same as the size which is on feed rollers. In other to ensure proper alignment, the wire guides are needed. Please note that the wire size and that of grove do not necessarily have to be the same. This means it can still be very useful even without both sizes being exactly the same.

The only thing to remember is that such size does not need to exceed a given range. Anything short of this will make it to lose its usefulness. In a nutshell, the wire goes through various processes or components and wire guides is the first of them all. This is how a spring coiling machine has been designed to carry out production process.

Block guide
Just as said above, wire guide is the first stage or point that wires are meant to pass through in a spring forming machine. One this process is completed, the wire will then come in contact with block guide. For the wire to reach the coiling point, there has to be some form of guidance. This is usually provided by the block guide. In case you still do not understand the function of this component, its presence is to ensure the wire is always on track.

This component will play a very crucial part when it comes to producing springs of expected measurement sizes. It is usually the second process the wire will pass through in such application.

This is the last process amongst all others that the wire will go through before it can be said that spring has been finally produced. Once the spring is reaching its expected length, it will have to be cut off from the remaining wire automatically. This is done by the cutter.

When the spring is cut off after forming completely, another spring will be formed and cut off. The process continues like that. The cutter does not have a static position. Instead, it will change depending what position the arbor (another component) is occupying during the production process.

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china spring making machine manufacturer (16)

Based on the above, it is obvious that there are lots of components or items which work interdependently to produce springs of different types. Having an in-depth understanding of these will definitely help you to a great extent.

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