What Are The 4 Types of Springs For Industrial Manufacturing?

What Are The 4 Types of Springs?
When it comes to the subject of springs, it has been discovered that most people do not even know what they want. The truth still remains that you cannot get the best out of a spring by doing guesswork. In other words, it is important to know the right spring that will fit into your project. Anything short of this can cause a lot of confusion that you will find it very hard getting the best from such application.

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china spring making machine manufacturer (17)

Here is the perfect solution
Do you want to handle a project which involves the use of springs? Are you aware that using the right spring is very crucial since the wrong option can make your application malfunction? There are different springs to choose from and you have to be careful in order not to choose something that will not fit into your project or application.

There is no need to panic though. This is because you have come to the right place where springs will be discussed in details. This post will be revealing the different types of springs that are available in the market. Ensure to read the details from beginning to the end in order to know when each spring is required.

Compression springs
These are coiled wires (helical) which have been built or designed to provide forces that are opposing for mechanisms. Just as said above, springs are unique in terms of their functionalities and where they tend to fit in. Compression springs are a typical example of such as they are usually used in heavy-duty applications. That is to say, you will mostly find these springs in manufacturing applications whereby opposing as well as variable force is required in machines. As the load increases, the coils will start becoming close until when the compressed length of such spring has been reached.

There are different ways of designing compression springs. For instance, their ends can be designed or built to be closed or open. Also, they can be built using wire. However, in case where they are to be used in heavy-duty applications, machines are used in producing them. Depending on the type of project you are handling, ensure the compression spring has been carefully chosen. This is because something can go wrong once they develop a fault. For instance, in heavy-duty application where compression springs are required, there is the possibility of incurring huge losses when something goes wrong.

Extension springs
Just like compression springs being explained above, extension springs are also coiled helically. As you tend to stretch it, that is how they will be providing opposing force. When planning to use an extension spring, there are lots of variables to take into consideration. These could be maximum and free extended length, material, wire diameter, spring ends types, helix type, spring rate and more. There are manufacturing machines which require holding force between 2 components in order to function very well.

It should be noted that extension springs are of different sizes, materials and spring rate. The machine it is being installed on will determine your choice. These forms of springs are one of the most reliable in the manufacturing sector. For instance, they do not have any stretching limit. Therefore, they are one of the best options especially for applications whereby problem/failure is not common.

Over the years, different types of extension springs have been brought into existence to meet the needs of companies. These are no hooks, extended hooks, crossover center Hooks, and others. The options are limitless when it comes to the type of extension springs you can make use of. Depending on your machine, it is possible to build one that is custom-made.

Torsion Springs
It is no surprise that torsion springs are being listed as one of the most popular amongst others you will come across in the market. These are flat spiral coils which have been built to carry out the function of resisting or applying torque load. The major role of these springs is to ensure proper motion control. Their main specifications are material, diameter of wire, spring ends type, and spring rate. Torque rating is also very crucial in lots of regards.

When the ends of a spring are twisted along its axis, such can simply be referred to as torsion spring. There are some you will come across that look similar to compression or extension springs. They are usually known as helical or coil torsion springs. They neither produce extension nor compression. Instead, they have been built to act in radial directions during the application of torque. The second type usually appear in the form of concentric spirals.

Some of the applications or systems which make use of torsion springs are overhead doors, garage doors (for loading warehouses and ducks), residential doors and others. You will also find them in watches and clocks. However, they are mostly used in heavy-duty applications for the purpose of carrying out motion control function.

Drawbar Springs
It is quite shocking that people do not talk much about drawbar springs despite their important roles and features. One of the major things they have been known for is being able to incorporate U-shaped wire forms which can be made use of in different extension applications. These springs are characterized or known to combine both extension spring tension application and compression spring positive stop. In case you plan buying a drawback spring, there are some key specifications you need to be aware of.

These are wire diameter, maximum spring deflection and free length. There are applications which make use of tension producing springs. They may also need self-limiting feature which compression springs are known for. This is a typical example of machines or applications that use drawbar springs. They combine both features for optimum functionalities.

china spring making machine manufacturer (16)

china spring making machine manufacturer (16)

The above are the different types of springs you can find in the market. Although there are others, these are the most common and can help you application function properly. Just look at their key specifications to be on a safer side.

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