How Does Wire Guides Work In China Custom Small Spring Coiling Machine?

How Does Wire Guides Work In China Custom Small Spring Coiling Machine?
There is no doubting the fact that a spring coiling machine has changed how spring coilers are being produced over the years. An example of this happens to be the fact that the entire process is now automated. It means you do not have to rack your brains again about how to produce any type of spring coilers. This is very obvious especially in the case of digital spring forming machines which only requires the pressing of few buttons for such items to be formed.

The problem is that most people are yet to understand the simple fact that spring coiling machines have components that are very crucial to make such process complete. Without them being present, it becomes very difficult for spring coilers to be formed in an automatic way. One of such components or parts is wire guides.

Are you wondering what wire guides are in spring making machines? Do you know that they are one of the most important components? As a matter of fact, your spring making machine cannot work without them in good condition. The major aim of this post is to explain at how wire guides have been built to function. After discovering the facts below, you will definitely have a clearer picture of how to get the best from your spring coiling machine by ensuring its wire guide is working perfectly.

china spring making machine manufacturer (20)

china spring making machine manufacturer (20)

What are wire guides?
Wire guides are very important when it comes to your spring coiling machine working as expected while producing spring coilers without any hassle. These components are usually flat in shape and contain different sizes of grooves. Just like the feed rollers which are also another components in a spring making machine, wire guides contain grooves. The grooves contained in wire guides share lots of similarities as those in feed rollers. It should be noted that it is not necessary for the groove size to be an exact match when compared with the wire. However, it is crucial that both share some similarities.

The above simply implies that even when they have some differences, they can still work effectively without any complaint. In a spring coiling machine, there are various stages which a wire has to always go through before becoming that finished product. Wire guides is one of the such processes or stages. It is usually the first stage that every which wires are to pass through.

Just as the name sounds, wire guides exist to ensure that wires align properly during production process before becoming spring coilers. Of course, you must have noticed that production of coilers require proper measurement and cutting. This is to avoid wasting materials which would have been used in producing. The wire guides help to ensure such problem is avoided. Before the advent of modern day spring coiling machines which are everywhere in the market, there used to be a lot of guesswork when it comes to how wires will be converted into spring coilers of different types.

This means lots of materials got wasted while trying to make it work. The advent of wire guide component has ensured that this problem is resolved. In a nutshell, wire guides help to ensure that spring coilers are produced as expected. They play a very vital role in ensuring spring coilers are not just measured but also produced according to such measurement. They guide the wires with the aim of ensuring they maintain their expected shapes.
In case you do not know, spring coilers usually have different sizes and shapes. This is where it all starts from. It is through wire guides that such sizes as well as shapes are formed. The other components like block guides, cutter and the rest will then carry on from such shapes that have been maintained by wire guides.

How does a wire guide work?
It is easy to consider wire guides as complicated or highly technical in spring coiling machines. However, such is not true as their roles are quite easy to understand as explained above. For instance, they ensure proper alignment of wires in the production process of spring coilers of various shapes and sizes. The first thing to note here is that wire guides are highly adjustable. This makes them to support different measurements of wires. Also, they can be moved from one position to another within a spring coiling machine. This is to ensure it adapts very well to the production process.

There are usually two positions that are wire guide always maintains. These are first and second position. Whenever it tends to be maintaining the second position, the first wire will be received by the spring forming machine. It is important to note that the wire guides usually receives wires from the feed rollers for production to commence. Once this has been done, the wire will be bent or shaped by the spring coiling machine into your desired shape and size.

In the second position, the machine is going to take another wire and do the same. It can be said that the wire guides work in a very simple way. This is ensuring that wires are properly positioned for the spring coiling machine to given them the right shapes that will enable them to be used later on. There is a process of one component receiving for the application to work properly as expected.

Just as explained in the first position when the first wire is received by the spring coiling machine, the same applies for the second position. It is a process that goes on and on until you have been able to produce the desired number of springs.

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china spring making machine manufacturer (9)

Based on the above, there is one simple fact that is now obvious. This has to do with how wire guides work in a clear and precise way to ensure smooth production of different springs which can be put to use in various ways. Just as said above, it is one special component that spring coiling machines can hardly do without.

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