How Can I Operate A Automatic CNC Spring Forming Machine?

How Can I Operate A Automatic CNC Spring Forming Machine
Spring coiling machine can offer a lot especially when operated the right way. They have proven to be one of the easiest ways to automate production of different types of springs which are used for various applications. In case you have this machine at the moment, there is something that needs to be understood. This is the fact that there are lots of aspects you need to be familiar with in order to make optimal use of it. One of such has to be how the machine can be operated. As simple as this may sound, it can determine whether the machine will be properly used or not.

Do you have a spring forming machine but do not know how it can be effectively operated? Are you aware that such can lead to its malfunctioning with the passage of time? When a spring machine is not properly operated as expected, it can breakdown thereby leading you to spend extra money in repair. This post will be revealing some tips on how to operate a spring coiling machine. There is no need to rack your brains as such a process is even simpler than you can ever imagine. All you have to do is get a grasp of the explanation below.

China Spring Making Machine Manufacturer (1)

China Spring Making Machine Manufacturer (1)

What you have to understand
Talking about how to operate a spring forming machine, there are some skills that are required. As a matter of fact, a novice can have this machine operated effectively with the right skills and knowledge. The details below will be explaining some of these operation skills from 3 perspectives. These are:

• Machine mold installation and fixation
• Machine mold grinding and adjustment
• Adjusting the spring body outer diameter

Machine mold installation and fixation
Before talking about operation, a machine has got to be installed first right? The same can also be said of a spring making machine. Generally speaking, the process of installation talks about components like pitch knife, cutter, mandrel, curve gauge, wire board, wire feed wheel and others in the spring coiling machine. The wire feed roller as well as wire board are the first to be installed before any other. The latter should correspond to the wire groove fixed position in the machine. Position alignment should be adjusted between wire grooves. This will ensure the spring wire will pass easily through such wire grooves.

Wire feeding roller should be checked if there is need for adjustment to be made. In a situation whereby it seems to be extremely tight, there is a very high chance of wire deformation occurring. It means the right measurement may not be produced. On the other, if it happens to be too loose, there is every chance of such wire rotating or slipping. Again, have the cutter and auxiliary core installed. Ensure the bottom parts of the cutter is very close to the mandrel (sides). Do not reserve any gap at this point. Also, do not push down the auxiliary core.

The final installations are the pitch knife and curve gauge. Once you have done all of these installations, it can be said that such machine can be tested to see whether it is working as expected. This will be explained further in the next stage.

Machine mold grinding and adjustment
You cannot talk about learning how to operate a spring making machine without attempting to master its mold grinding and adjustment process. In terms of spring press mold, standard configuration is usually provided by the supplier. This means there are corresponding specifications for wire slots. The supporting mold is very crucial especially during the process of debugging. For instance, once the wire plate tends to pass through wire plate which has been aligned with wire groove, there is every chance of scraping phenomenon occurring. At such point, the operator will be expected to have the wire plate groove chamfered.

In a situation when the spring has a small outer diameter, the wire end of such curve gauge will need to be grinded into an angle shape that is very sharp. Also, a given grove amount will be reserved. Once the spring coil has been wound tightly, the curve gauge will have to be passed. There is the thickness of the wire end which is polished. Also, there is reservation of wire grove thickness. The only time you will not experience a problem like jamming, thread, or scraping is when the wire does not just enter smoothly but also exits smoothly. Just as explained above, check whether the wire feeding roller needs adjustment or not.

Adjusting the spring body outer diameter
The spring body outer diameter is usually known by what position the curve gauge is occupying. After the process of adjusting the curve gauge has been completed, that is when it will become necessary to make adjustments on the spring body outer diameter. For the spring body outer diameter to be adjusted, it is recommended that you refer to the debugging process of such product parameters. How the curve gauge position is adjusted will be greatly dependent on whether such cylindrical spring is actually of the same outer diameter or not.

There are some terms and terminologies you need to understand in order to get this aspect right. These are pitch pusher, spring pusher, outer diameter and more. You also need to know what is meant by opening and closing when it comes to spring structure. Understanding these concepts will help you carry out an effective adjustment process of spring body outer diameter.

For instance, opening method has to do with how the spring is being pushed from first to last turn. Closing method has to do with a situation when the first method does not get the spring pushed.

China Spring Making Machine Manufacturer (2)

China Spring Making Machine Manufacturer (2)

Based on the above, it is obvious that when it comes to operating a spring forming machine, there are some aspects that you need to be aware of. Trying to skip such parts will only be interpreted as struggling continuously to make it work.

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