How Are Extension Springs Measured?

How Are Extension Springs Measured?
Springs are great, and they can be used in so many things. Extension springs are equally affected by this wide usage theory. But what makes extension springs more useful is when they are installed with the right dimensions. You cannot pick up any extension spring and decide to use it anyhow. If the measurement of the extension spring does not tally with what you are about to use it for, the whole exercise may just end up being futile.

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china spring making machine manufacturer (31)

If you are looking for a place where you can learn how extension springs are measured, you have come to right place. Highlighted below are steps on how you can get this done.

As much as you want this to happen, you cannot measure an extension spring with your head. It is not something you can start guessing with your head. Rather, for it to be done accurately, you need some tools ready. Some of the items you need to get started with will always include calipers, micrometer, tape measure or ruler (for big-sized springs). With all of these items in place, you will be in a better position to execute the measurement of your extension spring.

Steps to follow
Here are the instructions on how you can go about measuring an extension spring. If you follow it to the letter, you should not have any problem with the whole process. So you can start with
Measuring the diameter of the wire
The diameter of the wire is so important in the scheme of things. It is often said that if you miss this very parameter, your chances of getting any other thing correct will be almost zero. That tells you how relevant this is.
To be doubly sure about this parameter, you are advised to get the measurement of the diameter from two spots. In other words, after you are done with the measurement on one spot, you can move to another spot to measure the diameter again. This is just to ensure the accuracy of this property. You are to carry out the measurement with a micrometer. When you are through with the measurements, sum both measurements together and take their average. That way, your reading will be more precise and accurate.
As long as your micrometer gauge is not faulty, your values should be correct. Perhaps, you may not even need to get any average if both values are the same.

Measuring the external diameter
You need to keep your eyes on a couple of other parameters other than the diameter of the wire when measuring an extension spring. After all, with the high level of accuracy required by such items, it is understandable how you need to be extra-careful about the process.
The external diameter is also known as outside diameter (OD). Measure this diameter by starting from the center of the spring. This is essentially important since the end of the coil may be very large. So always remember, when you are through with the diameter of the wire, make sure you measure the external diameter. By now, you are half way done with the process.
Measuring the length of the spring body
With 50% of the job already completed, this is the part where you should be looking forward to the length of the body of the spring. You have to be very careful at this point so you can get the length right.
The length of the body of the spring has to do with the portion of the spring that is coiled. The loops or hooks are not part of this portion, take note. A micrometer or calipers will be okay for you to measure the length if the spring is a small type. But if it is the big size, you may need to use a ruler or tape measure to get it correctly. Just like the external diameter and wire diameter, the spring is of equal significance, and must be accurately measured.

Measuring the overall spring length
This is about the last lap in the events of measurement, and it has to be emphasized that it is not precisely the same thing with the point that was just mentioned. They are slightly different. Otherwise, they would have been viewed as the same.
This is simply a representation from one outside to another outside, or how long it is from over every top. Were you thinking the last step was going to be a bit hectic? Well, sorry to burst your bubbles. This is how you wrap up your extension spring measurements. The overall length spring is where you draw the curtains on your measurement.

Spring measurement summary
We have just run through four basic steps through which you can execute the measurement of an extension spring. From the diameter of the wire to the external diameter to the length of the spring, everything has to be properly measured. Even the slightest detail will be greatly appreciated.
The measurement process is by no means a tedious one if you have followed the instructions that were highlighted here. But if you had any problem with the process, you could watch a couple of YouTube videos to clear the air. Always remember that extension spring measurement is all about precision. If you have that at the back of your mind, it will be easier for you to execute your measurements.

china spring making machine manufacturer (30)

china spring making machine manufacturer (30)

Like it was rightly stated at the beginning of this post, an extension spring could be useless if the measurements are not appropriate for the said application. No matter the quality of an extension spring, the dimensions are what will determine whether it can be suitable for a specific purpose or not. Thankfully, the article has been able to outline and explain four simple steps through with this can be done. Extension spring measurement is also important because they can allow you give your manufacturers an exact information of what you are looking for. Caution is the key to being successful with your extension spring measurements.

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