Applications and benefits of wire bending machines

A cable bending machine is a forming tool, its purpose is to assemble a bend on a work piece. These machines are easy to use and they don’t need any special skills to utilize them. A Wire bending machines run more inexpensively because they need half the energy consumed by electro — hydraulic machines. Cable bending machine is used to flex the coiled wire into various forms like five-pointed ring, star, triangle, quadrangle, polygon and other irregular forms.


In automotive sector it has many applications like manufacturing with end forming units, single head or head and collar, headrest eyeglasses, tank floats, child seat hooks, etc..

It also has several different applications which include store furnishings, hydraulic system, gym equipment, motorbike and scooter accessories, office furnishings, hospital furnishings, trim for bus and train windows, Prams and Pushchairs. Wire bending machines support other OEM manufacturing applications like space and air, household appliances, lawn and garden etc..


This kind of machine is used for embossing, shearing, slotting, etc..
It’s a high precision
there’s a high degree of automation and thus it doesn’t need very substantial abilities to function.
It has the ability of providing perfect bend or cut.
It makes use of high precision ball screws and linear guides.
They save money through efficiency increase, by recreating the programmed design on a constant basis.

February 19, 2015 Spring Making
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