Happy People

How to Find Happiness, 20 Things Happy People Do

Virtually, there is no person who does not want to be happy in life or to live a happy life. However, experience has shown that not everybody is happy in life. There are in fact many people who other people think that they have every reason to be happy yet they are always unhappy because of one reason or the other. Happiness involves a lot of things and it is more than material acquisition. This is why in recent time a group of psychologists has suggested using psychology to make normal people happy rather than using it to help mental disturbed people alone.

Happiness as experience and research have shown come from within. Material possession, fame, wealth and fortune alone might bring happiness. These things are good but on themselves. Your attitude in life, genes, behavior, health, environment, social relationship with others and others are some of the factors that will make you happy. Given the above, if you want to be happy, you should be able to control your behavioral tendencies and other aspects of yourself. Below are some of the things that happy people do that help them to remain happy.



1. Obey your conscience

Conscience has been defined differently by different scholars. It could be said to be an authoritative guide to behavior. Some people have likened it to the voice of God in man that tells man what is right to be done and what is wrong to be avoided. No matter how it is defined, if you want to be happy in life, you should always try to live according to the dictate of your conscience. Happy people obey their conscience always. Normally, when you disobey your conscience, it will come back to torment you. You will always remain sad or unhappy, if you have guilty conscience. Happy people always obey their conscience in order not to suffer from guilty conscience.

2. Be jovial and keep a good social relationship with others

Aristotle, one of the most popular ancient Greek philosophers denominated man a social animal. He lives in the company of others. According a popular saying, no man is an island. This means human beings need one another in order to live a fulfilled life. You cannot accomplish anything in life without the help of the other. Given this, it is difficult for you to be happy if you do not have a good relationship with others.

When you are friendly to other people, they will be friendly to you. Your friends will visit you, celebrate success with you and console you when you are passing through trial moments. But if you do not have good relationship with others, people will always avoid you. You will not have people to celebrate your success with your or people to condole with you during difficult moment. You will become lonely in life and this will make you to be unhappy always. People who are happy have healthy relationship with others.

3. Keep the rules of any society your found yourself

Laws breakers are never happy because they will always be punished accordingly. If you want to be happy in the modern society, you should always obey the rules so that you will not be punished.

4. Doing Your Best Always to Achieve Your Goal

Most of us have our life goal and work towards achieving that. Some people end up not achieving their goal because they did not work hard or they did not do what they were supposed to do. According to psychologists, these people will later regret not doing what they should have done in order to achieve their goal. This regret will make them to become unhappy. Happy people always do their best in life. If they did not succeed in achieving their goal, they will still be happy for having done their best. Happy people are fulfilled people. Fulfillment comes when one has worked well and done everything possible within his/power in order to succeed in life. So, if you want to thread the path of happy people, you should always work hard and do your best in life.

5. Avoid unnecessary comparison

Comparing yourself unnecessary with another person can be dangerous. It does not mean that you should not take cue or good example from other people. But doing unnecessary comparison or thinking that the other is better than you can deflate your ego and sense of self-esteem. Once your ego is deflated, failure and inferiority complex will set in. Unnecessary comparison or wanting to be like others gradually will make you to become jealous of the other person even when you do not want. The key to avoiding unnecessary comparison is to be happy with who you are and your achievement.

Unnecessary comparison will keep you thinking always. You will never have a relaxed mind. You will become emotionally disturbed if you do not have rest of mind. The quality of your health will start to degenerate.

If you look at the life of people who are always happy, they do not bother so much about the achievements of other. They can take others as role models or learn from the life histories of others but they do not worry themselves about the achievements of their mates. So, do not keep your mind occupied with the achievements of the other people around you.



6. Eat well and improve the quality of well

Happiness is closely associated with good health. If you are not healthy or if you are sick, you will easily become unhappy especially when your condition does not carry on with your life routine. In order to remain healthy, you should always feed well. Feeding well here does not mean eating anything that comes your way. You should have a good dietary plan. Eating a balanced diet is the idea. If you are well fed, your immune system will be strong and you will not always be sick.

On the other hand, not feeding well which include having a bad dietary plan can cause you some health problems that may keep you unhappy. For example, becoming obese makes you to be unhappy. Obesity or overweight in most cases is caused by poor eating habit. So, you should always mind what you eat.

Happy people understand the connection between happiness and diet. Thus, they make sure that they eat only those things that will help to build up their immune system and will not make them to develop any health problem. They also avoid certain foods that will cause them some health problems.

Man jumping

Man jumping

7. Take time to exercise and relax

As it has been said above, all works and no play make Jack a dull boy. Always make out time to do exercise and relax with your friends. Regular exercise helps to improve the quality of your health. Excess fats that can cause overweight and other heart problems are burned down during workout exercise. Exercise also improves the metabolic process of your body which is the process through which fat and complex sugars are broken down for the release of energy to the cells of the body. If you do regular exercise, you will have the strength to carry out your daily activities. Exercise facilitates the removal of waste product of metabolism. It improves sleep.

Exercising in the gym or together with others people provides a veritable avenue of socializing. As it has been said above, having good relationship helps you to be happy. All the above benefits of exercise will help you to be happy.

8. Make do with your basic need

Happy people only go for what they need. If you want to acquire everything that you want, you will end having chains of unfulfilled wants and this will make you unhappy.

9. Learn to accept what you cannot change

There are a lot of things that are beyond your control. If you find yourself in any condition that you cannot change, the best thing you can do in order to remain happy is to accept the condition and learn to live with it. Happy people always accept conditions beyond them.

10. Do not bear grudges against any person

Bearing grudges against any person will affects your wellbeing and make you to be unhappy. Bearing grudges brings about negative emotions which will gradually deplete your immune system. If you bear grudges against any person, your mind will be preoccupied with the problem and this will keep you restless.

Baby and dad sleeping

Baby and dad sleeping

11. Sleep well

Having a good night rest and if possible taking your siesta always will help you to remain healthy and strong. You will be happy if you are healthy and strong.

12. Learn to go for a holiday

Most people tend to spend all their lives working without having some moment off. This is not actually the best. Happy people always take their leave and use the moment to be together with their family and loved ones. During your leave period, you will acquire more experience in life and also learn new things.

13. Be yourself always

One of the reasons why most people make mistakes that cause them their happiness afterwards is because they are not living authentic life. They follow the crowd or allow themselves to be influenced by others. This is not the case with happy people. Happy people always do what they are convinced of and then take responsibility of all their actions.

14. Be truthful

Lying ruptures the relationship that exists between you and the others. Besides, if people see you as a liar, you will lose your credibility and trustworthiness before them. You will definitely become unhappy when people do not trust you again.

15. Keep good friends

Happy people know the importance of keeping good friends. If you have good friends, you will be positively influenced and this will make you to cultivate good character that will help you to live a good life.

16. Do not defame others

Defaming others and gossiping around may be fun but it may also have some terrible mental consequences on you which may keep you unhappy. If you speak ill against another person intentionally, your conscience in one way or the other will disturb and torment you for that. You will be feeling guilty and unhappy anytime you see the person you defamed. You may pretend not to be bothered but invariably, you will be hurt internally.

17. Be kind to other people

It has been proved through research that being kind makes people to be happy. If you look at happy people around you, they are always kind and softhearted to others. You can also achieve happiness like them by treating others with love and kindness.

18. Have a positive view of problem

There is no person who does not have problem in life. But what makes the difference is how people approach the situations. If you want to be happy in life never you see any obstacle as a problem. Consider every problem as a challenge to be tackled. If you have a positive view of problems, you will be able to overcome it. There is always a feeling of happiness that comes when you succeed in overcoming an obstacle in life.

19. Forget about the past

Happy people do not dwell in their past. Though the past is good for a better future, but dwelling in your past mistakes or success will affect your present life and possibly your future. You can correct the mistake of your past in your present life. So, dwell not in the past but in the present.

20. Learn always

Happy people always increase the wealth of their experience and knowledge. You will be useful to people around you if you are knowledgeable and they will come to you to learn from you. This will help to make you happy.

Happy people are known for the above behaviors. If you want to be happy, cultivate above behavior.