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Ensure the Bright Future of Earth with Solar Energy Use

Global warming is happening and that is a fact. If we do not do something fast, the future generation is going to have to deal with a very dangerous crisis.

So, what can ordinary people do to save Mother Earth? The answer could be already right there under our noses, solar energy. Use of the power of the sun has been introduced years ago and many people have already utilizing it to their advantage. This means that some people have acknowledged the fact that solar power is an effective way to have electricity without generating green house gases.

But it is a sad fact that most of us are still under the influence of the energy grid. Most of us are still very much dependent on the energy provided by big companies that charges high energy rates.

What the big part of the world does not know is that solar panels are now easier to build and install. They can now even be modified to match your home. In a way, you can have solar panels that do not look like solar panels.

Importance of Solar Energy

Image taken by NASA

Image taken by NASA

When it comes to the importance of using the power of the sun, it can be concluded that solar energy helps save the environment for the future generation. The important thing here is us, the ones still living today; understand that we need to sustain the earth for our children and their children.

The importance of solar energy as we understand today should also be explained to today’s children so that they may not make the same mistakes that the generation before us has committed. We need to ensure that the future generation understands the significance of respecting the environment and the resources it offers.

Solar Energy as Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that continuously gets replenished. It can come in different forms and the most common is solar energy, which is provided to us by the strong power of the sun.

The Earth collects an incredible supply of solar power. The sun is a fusion reactor that can provide sufficient energy in one hour that can supply our energy requirements for a year. One day of solar energy can provide more than enough energy that the world’s current population can use up for 27 years. The truth is that a 3-day supply of energy from the sun is solar radiation that can equal all the stored energy in non-renewable fossil energy that the world can supply

This only means that if we can really utilize the power of the sun, the earth’s non-renewable resources will be saved from being wasted and abused.

Solar energy simply can provide the earth with free and inexhaustible power resource. All we need to understand is how to effectively harness it for the benefit of the future generation.

Brief History of Solar Energy Discovery

Horace de Saussure

Horace de Saussure

The ability to use the power of the sun was first discovered for heat production. It was in 1767 that Horace de Saussure, a Swiss scientist, first built a thermal solar collector to be used for cooking food and heating water. In 1891, the first patented solar water heater was successfully built by Clarence Kemp of the United States. This innovative system was then purchases by two American executives in 1897 to be installed in Pasadena homes.

The second discovery was electricity production through solar energy in 1839 when Edmund Becquerel, a French physicist, discovered that the energy from the sun can generate a Photovoltaic Effect, which means photo is light and voltaic thus can provide electrical supply. The development of PV or Photovoltaic cells was developed in the 1880s and they had the capacity to effectively convert the light from the sun into electricity with efficiency of 1 to 2 percent. During this time though, there was not enough information released regarding the methods in turning light into electricity, thus PV power remained a big curiosity for many years to come.

It was during the time of Albert Einstein in the 1900s when the conversion process was slightly understood, when the world renowned scientist and inventor won a Nobel Prize for his comprehensive clarification on the Photoelectric Effect.

From that time forward, the subject of solar energy has been discussed, argued, studied and tested by different scientists and inventors. The fact remained though that despite the numerous proofs that solar power is very much available, its availability has been very elusive for the ordinary people.

Understanding Solar Energy

Understanding solar energy and its usefulness is the first step towards a better future. It is the best way to totally stop green house gases emission. It is also one of the best ways to supply the earth with energy that is free and inexhaustible.

Understanding solar energy starts with understanding solar power. This energy resource is not new to the society. It is something that has been properly and efficiently utilized since ancient times. It is known worldwide as a renewable source of energy.

Why then, we can ask, is the world still dependent on using exhaustible energy resources?

The answer is simple; we are living in the world where the  influential dictate how we all shall live.  We know that solar panels are better alternatives, but we also have this big misconception that we cannot afford them.

That could be true decades ago, but in the modern world of today, where technology is more advanced and can be easily accessed by anyone, solar panels are highly affordable. Therefore, we now all have the chance to change the way we live and that can start by deciding, once and for all, to turn our backs from the grid and face the future with the aid of the power of the sun.

Facts about the Power of Solar Energy

Solar cell

Solar cell

Facts about the power of the sun are numerous and they are easily understood. Solar energy is simply the energy gathered from the sun’s radiations. These radiations have great potential of being the chief source of energy in the future of mankind.

Solar power is as natural as it can get. The radiating power from the sun is known as solar energy and it is the kind of energy that has no shortage. It is being supplied to us in abundance and it has always been there to keep the world going.

Solar energy is among the oldest used renewable energy in the world and it has been effectively being used to supply energy to a lot of modern day technologies.

Solar energy is good for the environment and it can be utilized for a lot of day to day activities such as; cooking, heating and clothes drying.

Solar energy is a cheap and reliable source of electricity. It can help you save money in the long run as it also gives you the chance to save the environment in particular, and the future of the earth in general.

Solar panels may cost you money initially, but its usefulness is almost eternal that you can be assured of cost-efficiency in the long run.

Solar energy is responsible for different weather patterning as it also provides the earth with the chance to lessen pollution.

Solar energy does not emanate harmful and deadly green house gases that are accountable for the menacing global warming that the world is currently experiencing.

One hour of direct sunlight can provide the earth with solar energy for a whole year. That fact is the reason why it is believed that solar energy is the most efficient option when it comes to renewable energy that can save the future of the earth.

The power of the sun can provide electricity to the whole world, thus the record of 2 billion people living without electricity can be minimized initially and eventually could be totally resolved.

Therefore, it can be safely concluded that solar energy is definitely the best thing for the earth’s future. It could be the weapon that we can use to save us from the immeasurable possible difficulties that could plague the world and squeeze us out of our much needed resources like fuel.

So let us all go hand in hand and save Mother Earth from total destruction before it is too late. Let us all dare to go green. Let us start saving the earth and everything living thing around us by using solar energy in replacement of hazardous, traditional energy resources.




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