Treat Insomnia with the Top 10 Best Natural Sleep Remedies

You are very much aware that you need regular sleep to be able to function effectively and productively every day. But if you happen to be among the majority of busy individuals today, then you are either not getting enough sleep or you are waking up too often in the middle of the night. This is actually a very common problem among adults. In most cases, being too busy at work is the culprit. Anxiety and depression are common causes as well.

One of the most common solutions used by people suffering from insomnia is taking sleeping pills. But, it is a known fact that taking synthetic products may not be good for the body in the long run. For one thing, the body gets immune with the effects of drugs after a while. Not to mention the possibility of damaging the liver if it has to constantly filter chemically-induced products.

The best way to go is to do things the natural way. It is very much possible to have a good night’s sleep every night if you can follow these top 10 best natural sleep remedies.A glass of milk

A Glass of Warm Milk at Night

Rather than take sleeping pills, why not take a warm glass of milk before bed time. It is an old practice that really works. This may be an old wives’ tale but believe it or not, it is the truth. The elders were right when they say that drinking a glass of warm milk before bed time can really help you feel sleepy. It is the tryptophan component in milk that helps. This component is a form of amino acid that has been proven to induce sleep. Tryptophan can also be found on tuna and turkey; so you may want to try a tuna salad or a turkey sandwich for dinner. For people who have been doing the ritual of drinking warm milk every night, they say that the calming effect of the drink helps them relax and wind down. So, why not take a dose of warm milk at night and see if this will work for you too.


No Caffeine After Lunch and Forward

If milk can help you go to sleep, coffee can keep you awake. Another old wives’ tale? Probably. But one that also stays true. A morning coffee can really get your day going, but guzzling coffee or caffeine-filled drinks – like soda – all day is not really that good at all. Caffeine is believed to have a half-life of five hours, which simply means that when you take a cup at around three to four o’clock in the afternoon, its effects will be out of your system by the time you need to sleep. Unfortunately, that is not true at all. It actually takes seven hours before majority part of the stimulant is out of your system. In most cases, around 25% percent of caffeine stimulant will remain in your body by the time you are lying in bed and trying hard to sleep. Aside from coffee and sodas, other drinks and food products that contain caffeine are chocolates, energy drinks, root beer, and even your decaffeinated coffee. It is best if you can stay away from these products if you want to get a good shut-eye every night for the rest of your life.


Prioritize Sleep

This may sound like a stupid advice as the objective here after all is to get some sleep. Some people though, are very much unaware that even if they are trying so hard to fall asleep, their mind may not be ready. The most common reason is that the body may be ready to rest, but the mind is still working overtime. The best thing to do is to try to relax and keep the troubles at bay for the night. This may not be an easy thing to do at first, but as always, practice makes perfect. So, just keep on repeating this practice and soon it will come automatically to you. You want to sleep, so concentrate on that objective.


Sweat it Out

Some people may not advice exercising in the evenings, as they believe that the adrenaline rush will keep you awake till late hours of night. There is no solid evidence of that claim though. But there have been studies proving that working out at night actually improves sleep. There was one study conducted that discovered that insomniacs who tried to do regular exercises slept better after a while. These people also started feeling less anxious and depressed, and they are also more energetic at day. Exercising at night though, does not mean to say that you need to really go for it like you are at a gym. Some simple stretching is enough and do not touch those weights.

safe sex

Make Love

The bed is made not just for sleeping, it is for making love as well. So, why not make love if sleep is not coming. It has been proven that after intercourse, a hormone called prolactin is released by both the male and female bodies. This kind of hormone is released during orgasm and it is really a good ingredient for a good night’s sleep. So, get some good old fashioned sex if you are finding it hard to sleep. Use your bed a little more productively; you never know this could be the one remedy that will work out for you, and for good.

Candle Flame


Self meditation is a good practice that may help you get that much elusive sleep. It could be a tough sell, but meditation is proven to be a powerful tool that can be useful for insomniacs. When you meditate you send out signals directly to your body’s nervous system to relax. Of course trying to relax when you can’t sleep may be easier said than done. But you can give it a try through meditation. It should be done right though, if you want to achieve the best results. This means doing it in a calming, quiet environment and when you are really ready for bed. Meditation is a good method that can help you control your stress levels, which is instrumental in helping you sleep better every night. Abdominal breathing is a good form of meditation that you can practice. Breathe easy from your abdomen and keep your attention on these breaths in order to help relax your mind and body. Eventually, you will be able to stay away from distractions and sleep will surely be a good companion. You can also meditate in a dimly lit room filled with soft music. Guided imagery is also a good meditation tool. You can simply focus your mind on an image that you really love to see during your waking hours. For instance, the view from your office window could be your stimulating factor for being productive at day. Use the same image to keep your mind relaxed at night. You can also pick one place where you always feel safe and happy. Keep the picture of the place in mind while lying in bed and invite your senses to explore that safe haven. Have you tried counting sheep? That is actually a form of meditation that you can also practice. If sheep seems to be too traditional for you, you can simply gaze upward and start counting. Eye strain can be relaxing, as long as you are not staring too hard. Rather, just stare out at nothing. Count one and then take a calming breath – inhale and exhale – and then continue counting. Imagine yourself climbing a hill and you are counting every step, there is a big chance that by the time you reach ten, your eyes will be half-closed.


Unwind at Home

As much as possible, avoid taking work home. Home is the place where you should be able to relax and unwind after a tiring and stressful day at work. If you are in the habit of taking your work home with you, it is about time to stop that practice. Walk through your door without the worries of work with you. In case you are a work-at-home person, your best option is to set a time to stop working. Unwinding is a good way to go. Do it early in the evening; make that transition from stressful day to relaxing evening. If you have to deal with issues at home, focus on it as soon as you are home and make sure that they have been resolved before you enter your bedroom. In simple words, keep your worries where they should be. A little you-time is essential to your unwinding time.Smelling Rosas

Smell the Roses

This doesn’t mean that you should explore your garden at night – though it could be a good idea on a good weather. This means making use of aroma therapy with aromatherapy or essential oils. Lavender is a good choice and so is sandalwood. Do not mistake aroma therapy though, as a cure for insomnia. But the relaxing and calming effects of essential oils can potentially induce sleep and keep you asleep until the time when you do need to wake up. Make sure though that you are going to use essential oils that stimulate sleep, and not scare it away. You need to know that there are essential oils than can actually keep you awake such as; rosemary, sage, basil and peppermint. You can use these oils to keep you going all day, but keep them at bay during the night if you want to sleep.


Take a Good Shower

Let the calming effects of the shower wash away the worries of the day. It would also be a good practice to bathe in your tub sprinkled with lavender or chamomile, at least an hour before your bed time.

dark room

Turn Out the Lights

When you were a kid, your parents will always turn out the lights at night. The main objective is to encourage you to sleep. You may not have liked that though while you were growing up, so when you became an adult you only turn out the light when you want to. Some people are in the habit of watching TV or reading in bed. Reading will of course require lights and that will surely keep you awake. Watching TV can be done without the lights on, but the light coming from the TV is what will keep you awake. The bottom line here is to try to avoid watching TV or reading at night. Better yet, turn out that light and give your eyes that much needed rest.

There are other things and practices that you can do that will help you sleep and stay asleep for the night. These top 10 sleep remedies though should be enough to keep those sleepless nights away. The important thing here is your willingness to try something different or to change your lifestyle. If you will keep on drinking coffee before bed time, do not wonder why sleep is so elusive. The same thing goes if you take your office work – along with its problems and worries – to bed.

The main idea for these natural sleep remedies is to help you sleep better at night. When you sleep better, you can only expect your mind and body to be completely prepared for the next day’s activities. If you have been wondering why you feel more tired when you wake up in the morning than when you came home the other night, then you are suffering from sleep deprivation. In some cases, you may think that you have slept long but actually, your eyes were just shut but your brain cells were working over time. When your brain stays active at night, your body is affected as well. This is where “tossing and turning” occurs.

You need to keep your mind relaxed in order for your body to receive its much needed rest. Do not invite negative thoughts. Keep thinking of positive things. Eventually, the sleep you have been inviting all along is going to accept the invitation.


How to Grow an Avocado from Pit

How to Grow Naturally an Avocado from Pit

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]vocados are one of the most nutritious fruits and they are most only available during the summer months. Avocados can provide virtually around 20 vital nutrients, which include; potassium, folic acid, fiber, Vitamin E, folic acid and B-vitamins. This fruit is also known as nutrient booster because it helps the body in the absorption of additional fat-soluble nutrients like lutein and alpha and beta-carotene in foods that are consumed along with it.

The avocado meat is fairly smooth and firm yet yielding to the teeth. It is also rich in texture with flavor that is not sweet yet very delectable. Mashed avocados bring out a very refreshing aroma that entices the senses very much.

Avocados are good for making salads, guacamole and fruit-flavored milk shakes. Next time you eat an avocado, you may want to save its pit and grow an avocado tree. Below are the step by step instructions on how you can grow an avocado tree from a pit.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 1

The first step in planting an avocado is to remove the fruit meat from the pit – be very careful as to not cut the pit. Then clean the pit of all the remaining fruit meat. This can be easily achieved by soaking the pit in water for some minutes and then scrubbing what’s left of the fruit. Be very careful though as not to remove the seed cover or the brown skin around the pit.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 2

Find the bottom part of the pit. In oval shaped avocado pits this is easy to do, the bigger part is the bottom part and that is where the roots will grow; while the top part is the pointed part and that is where the sprout will grow. Identifying the bottom part from the top part is important because you are going to need to soak the bottom part in water. This is a very important process because this will make the pit to sprout.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 3

Avocado pit in aglass of waterThe next step will need 3 pieces of toothpicks. You need to stick each toothpick at a slightly downward angle into the pit – the toothpicks should be spaced evenly around the seed. Once the toothpicks are in place, you will have scaffolding that will allow you to put the pit into a glass of water. Make sure that each toothpick is wedged in their places firmly so that the bottom part of the seed can rest well under the water without the rest of the pit submerging.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 4

Once the seed is properly placed on the glass and the bottom part is resting well, set the glass in a place where there is direct sunlight. Be sure that the place where you put the glass with the seed is easily accessible to you so that you can see the roots coming out and in order for you to easily change the water every now and then. Changing the water regularly is very important in order to prevent mold, fungus and bacteria growth. You do not have to change the water everyday though, doing it every 5 days should be sufficient.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 5

This is the time when you wait for sprouting to occur. In some cases, an avocado pit will sprout within 2 to 4 weeks, but it can also take up to 8 weeks. So patience is needed. During this process you will notice that top part of the pit will dry out and a crack will form as the seed skin will start to slough off. You will also notice that the crack will get bigger and will reach to the bottom part of the seed. Through that bottom crack, a small taproot will appear. The taproot will grow and may also branch out, until you can see a tiny sprout peeking through the top part of the seed. Keep the taproot submerged under water, allowing it to dry out will be the end of the early life of your tree.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 6

From the sprout at the top branch the stem of your plant will grow. Once the stem is about 6 to 7 inches you need to trim it down to 3 inches so that new growth will appear. When it grows 6 inches once more take the seed out from the glass and plant it in a pot with rich humus soil. Do not plant the entire seed, leave the top half exposed. Put the pot with your avocado plant back in the sunny location – avocados grow better when directly exposed to sunlight.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 7

Water your plant regularly with deep soaking every now and then. Make sure that the soil is moist all the time, though not saturated with water. Over watering is not good, so be moderate. When you see the leaves turning yellow, it means you are over watering. When that happens, simply let it be for a few days and things will go back to normal.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 8

When the stem is about a foot high, pinch out the top leaves in order to encourage side shoots growths; this is important to encourage growth of more leaves to make your plant bushier. Do the pinching process every time the plant grows additional 6 inches. Always pinch the newest sets of top leaves.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 9

This is the bug control process. Avocado plants collect aphids or plant lice and you need to get rid of them or else they will eat out your plant’s leaves. To get rid of those plant pests slightly spray your plant with water. Once they are off the leaves spray the plant with a mixture of water, small amount of dish-washing liquid and neem oil (one teaspoon) – this is great anti-aphids solution.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 10

This step is necessary when you live in a location where summer is not a year long occasion. This is called the wintering process. When the temperature outside hits 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you must bring your plant inside the house before the temperature falls.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 11

Once your avocado plant looks well established in its pot, it is about time to plant it directly to the ground. You need to dig a little dip into the ground, make sure that the entire pot can be buried entirely. But you should not plant the tree with the pot. Prior to transferring the tree, take it out from the pot and then bury it in the hole you made.

Will the tree ever bear fruit?

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” ]This is not a guaranteed thing. But in most cases, your avocado tree may start bearing fruit within 3 to 4 years, sometime if you are not that lucky, you may have to wait 15 years or worse, you may never taste an avocado fruit from your tree. A good advice is to plant several trees for pollination.[/box]