Eco friendly fashion

High-End Eco-Fashion – The Evolution of Luxury

Eco-fashion is apparently becoming more and more important in out lives and even the luxury fashion market has adapted this trend. Over the last decade, reducing waste and cutting back on the use of non-renewable energy resources or “going green” has become quite commonplace.

Attribution :  © Glenn Francis,

© Glenn Francis,

Many people have been implementing this practical practice by recycling, driving less, using fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent lights, installing solar panels and other eco-friendly practices. But what most people do not understand is that the clothes they wear are damaging to the environment, as damaging as plastic bags actually.

Despite some attempts of small time manufacturers to come up with eco-friendly clothing alternative, the public has not been patronizing clothes that made of natural fibers. Probably because of the common notion that environment-friendly means non-fashionable and quite plain. Add the fact that most previous attempts to come up with sustainable materials for clothes manufacturing have either failed or been dismissed due to lack of interest from the public and the big manufacturers.

We have seen eco-fashion shows showing off models in clothes made of organic materials but they just stayed there, on the runway, and never made it to the display windows and clothes racks of fashion shops. It was actually a shame that most high-end fashion designers have given up or scoffed the idea of utilizing sustainable clothing materials.

Thanks though, to the new breed of designers who are changing the way people think about high end fashion labels. Now, we can see and buy clothes that are made partly of organic and bamboo cotton. This only proved that there are some people who have carried on where some have left off.

Lotus flower

Lotus flower

The idea to create sustainable textiles out of organic materials is very smart and extremely practical. The earth is simple full of plants that can be used to their full potential and finally, this fact has been recognized. Just a year ago, a big Italian luxury clothing manufacturer has successfully discovered lotus flower fiber, which is a natural raw material from Myanmar. It was effectively extracted from the lotus plant, hand-spun and hand-woven within a day to produce a fabric very much similar to raw silk.

These new organic materials and more are now being successfully used not just by small time designers but also by luxury brands. There are now high-end fashion wear collections that are making big waves. The popularity of jackets made of the lotus flower fiber is one example that people really are going green.

It is actually the public’s positive reaction to anything environmental-friendly that prompted the fashion industry to answer they cry for manufacturing of high end fashion labels. At the end of the day, this proved to be a smart decision not just for the people but for the planet in general.

More and more consumers are obviously caring more and more about the good of the environment and they want to purchase products from those who care as they do. For now, though, high-end eco-fashion is only going mainstream in key cities in the world as they are too expensive to produce. But, hopefully, as more designers and manufacturers are going to produce these clothes, more and more retailers will sell. Then we can be assured that in the future, these products will come into the awareness of the whole world.