Get Acquainted with the Top 10 Greenest Cities in the World – 2013

What makes a city “green?” What makes a city “greener” than others? What make 10 cities the “greenest?”

The word “green” connotes a lot of meaning for a lot of people. A city with the least number of car owners could be deemed a “green” city as well. But the again, one that focuses on tree planting can be considered as the “green” city with objective.

Here are the 10 cities selected as the world’s greenest mainly due to their effective use of renewable energy, green lifestyle promotion, huge numbers of clean-tech companies, implementation of laws protecting the environment and employment of fresh and innovative strategies for better and green communities.

Top 10 Greenest Cities in the World

1. Reykjavik, Iceland



    On top of the list is this sizable city in Iceland that effectively manages to run on completely immaculate renewable energy. Reykjavik has capitalized mostly on its natural abundance of geothermal energy and volcanoes and just a mere 0.1 percent of the electricity used in this city is from fossil fuels. The buses in the city are considered as among the world’s greenest public transportation systems because they run on zero-emission hydrogen power.

2. San Francisco, California

San Francisco

Francisco bridge

This famous California city has always managed to be among the top cities, both in the US and the world. This is not surprising as San Francisco has become very famous for implementing environment-friendly laws like; banning the use of plastic shopping bags, waste reduction, emission reduction and recycling.

3. Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and it is a good example of urban sustainability, because it leads in providing renewable energy solutions and it offers rich green space. This Swedish city has the world’s third-largest wind energy park whose main objective for 2020 is for all the city operations to be climate-neutral.

4. Vancouver, Canada

 Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is Canada’s greenest city and it is North America’s second-greenest next to San Francisco. The city’s main goal is to be named the world’s greenest city by 2020. The city effectively promotes low-carbon emissions and implements clean technology innovations. An amazing 90% of the city’s power run through renewable resources and most of it are hydroelectric power.

5. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

This Oregon city is known as the first in America to implement an effective climate action scheme. It has more LEED-certified suburban towers when compared to other cities in the US. A lot of its workforce bike to work or use carpooling and public transportation to work everyday.

6. Curitiba, Brazil

Castelo Do Batel, Curitiba, Brasil

Castelo Do Batel, Curitiba, Brazil

The sixth place goes to Curitiba, Brazil’s undisputed green capital and the greenest city in Latin America. It has 14 forests, over a thousand of public green spaces and 16 parks. Seventy percent of the city’s wastes are recycled and about 1.5 million new trees have been planted along byways and highways.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

This is one city in the world that is renowned for almost a third of resident relying primarily on daily commuting on their bicycles. Its cost is nicely speckled wind turbines and it is widely acknowledged as a leader when it comes to fighting climate change.

8. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Another Swedish city made it on the list and this time it is Stockholm, which happens to be the one of the most environmentally conscious European cities.

9. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

On the number 9 spot is the Hamburg, which has the 2011 European Green Capital designation for the redevelopment of most of the city’s urban core to support its own sustainability principles.

10. Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia

This Colombian capital is one of the cities in the world with the highest improved reputation. It offers an efficient public transportation system, over a thousand of city green spaces and bike trails that go for hundreds of miles.

Once again, what makes a city “Top 10 Greenest Cities in the World” of all the “green” cities? It is the one that stands out when it comes to fighting the dreadful climate change in a big way. It is one that sets an example for the rest of the world to follow.

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Go For Green Buildings and Reap Environmental, and Social Benefits

  [dropcap]S[/dropcap]ustainability is something that is taking the world by storm. That is one fact that cannot be denied. Sustainable buildings are being planned and constructed almost anywhere because more and more people have realized the benefits they can enjoy from such structures.

Construction of green buildings requires the cooperation of contractors, engineers and architect in co-creating these structures with the environment. When you look closer into the idea of building sustainable structures you will realize as well that it is a way of respecting nature and its natural resources. The entire process is focused on making use of sustainable materials and renewable energy, as well in ensuring proper site development, water conservation and overall indoor and outdoor environmental quality. The benefits provided by a sustainable building are generally categorized into three divisions: environmental, economical and social.

Environmental Benefits

The main purpose behind construction of sustainable building is to effectively preserve the environment in order to avoid the exhaustion of Earth’s natural resources. If sustainable substitutions are created throughout every segment of the project’s development it provides the following environmental benefits:

Protection of the Ecosystem

Use of renewable energy sources and initiatives on efficiency lessen the anthropogenic contributions to damaging global climate change; as well reduce emissions that put human health and air quality into compromise.

Reduced Emissions

Reduction of hazardous emissions are achieved in building green buildings through utilization less environmentally destructive materials and reduced fossil fueled electricity dependence.

Water Conservation

This is achieved effectively through recycling rainwater that can yield significant water supplies. Sustainable building promotes storm water management that includes the processes of harvesting and redirection that eventually can reduce flooding and erosion.

Conservation and Restoration of Natural Resources

Without the need for usage of fossil energy resources, natural resources are effectively conserved and restored.

Waste Reduction

The growing efforts to use the deconstruction method, instead of the demolition method allows for more people to massively reduce waste production. It has been proven that if buildings are deconstructed million tons of debris will be effectively diverted from landfills. Deconstruction means doing a selective dismantlement of the components of the buildings, for recycling, re-use, and proper waste management. Deconstruction significantly differs from demolition, wherein a site is totally cleared of the building by the most convenient methods.



Effectively Raise Green Investment Capital

Raising capital for any business or project is not an easy task. In most cases financial help is required in order to gather enough resources for start up. If you are going to launch a Green Project, you will need to be a little more convincing if you want people and institutions to help you out.

Going Green or being Environmental Friendly could be trending, but the fact remains that not everyone are so keen to help out when it comes to promoting the benefits of such feats. It is important to keep in mind that there are major challenges that you may need to conquer before your ideas can be taken off the ground.

Despite the difficulties, the fact remains that many individuals are still planning and aiming to develop different sustainable projects and infrastructures. The common objective here is to provide the world and everyone else with the option to live cleaner and healthier lives.

It is therefore, quite important that those ideas, plans, projects and endeavors see the light of being launched. They will be better off taken from their draft files, blueprints and software programs. These projects need to be done, commenced, created, built, developed and presented to the world.

By bringing the projects into the awareness of the public, the chance for raising more capital – faster – is greater. The main idea here is to have the ability to present the project in all its advantageous aspects.

Raising venture capital for Green project should start with the presentation of the project itself. Without any concrete evidence that your project is good and designed for the improvement of the world and to provide benefit for everyone, you may find it hard to convince the public to help you out financially.

So, the process should go like this: put the idea into writing, generate concrete evidence, present the project and state the benefits. In between these processes, you have to make sure that you can stand for whatever you will present. Do not just present a blueprint, make that blueprint talk. Give it a character that will convince your target financiers that it will be beneficial for them to invest.

You need to convince everyone that you and your project have the capacity to deliver results. That it will make the world a better place to live in, and that its mission is to provide the financiers with the expected revenues in the long run.

The Most Expensive House

The Crespi-Hicks Estate is the Most Expensive Home Listed for Sale

When it comes to expensive homes for sale, estates for sale in key US states are usually on top of the list. That is not the case though for the latest one on the public listing.

So, do you want to know what is the most expensive house listed for sale?

Recently, a Woodside, California home was rumored to be out for sale for a whooping $117 million. But before the rumors can be confirmed another US home started attracting attention for being on the market for a more amazing price of $135 million, making it the latest priciest home listed for sale in the US and probably the world.

Reports has it that the Crespi-Hicks Estate is being silently listed at Multiple Listing Services The more staggering news is that the latest most expensive home in the market is neither located in New York City nor in San Francisco. America’s highest priced estate in the market is located in Dallas, Texas.

Crespi-Estate Location

The Crespi-Hick Estate is ideally situated in the super elite neighborhood of Mayflower Estates. It sits comfortably and affluently behind magnificent wrought iron entrance gates of a land are that spans 25 acres. The estate’s compound possesses roughly around 42,500 square feet of living space that includes the huge main house (all five-storeys of it), two-storey guest house plus an amazing three-storey pool house.

This totally magnificent estate is owned by former Forbes 400 listmakers, Thomas Hicks and his wife Cinda, whose 2008 personal net worth reached as large as $1.4 billion. Tom Hicks was the chairman Hick Equity firm and currently holding the position as chairman for Hicks Holdings. Tom was also an owner of many professional sports squads, which include the Texas Rangers, Liverpool Soccer Club and the Dallas Stars.

Crespi-Hicks Estate was the last residential project of the late Maurice Fatio, who was commissioned for the job by Italian Count Pio Crespi.

The Hicks bought the property 16 years ago and they commissioned architect Peter Marino for the restoration project. The restoration process took almost a decade to finish and to an amazing cost of $100 million.

Crespi-Estate Amenities

If the land area is outrageously big and the main house is extraordinarily huge, then you can only expect a few outrageous amenities such as; the library that was paneled in striking Italian walnut and burl (19th-century), the main kitchen which was designed with beautiful Dutch Delft 10th-century manganese tiles, an exercise room and an art-deco mirrored bar room.

There is also the pool house that has a kitchen, an outdoor living area, a huge gaming room, an indoor catering kitchen, plus a home theater that covers one storey.

There are 2 guest houses in the grounds as well as a tennis court, lots of greenhouses, vegetable gardens, a tree house, plus a hidden driveway entrance (the second) onto the property.

This home is simply magnificent and it provides the feeling of overwhelming majesty with gentle intimacy for everyone who has been privileged to enter. The house’s formal rooms have witnessed the presences of guests and dignitaries including US Presidents and other International leaders.

Crespi-Home Estate Price

The $135 million asking price for the Crespi-Hicks Estate is not surprising since it was reported that Mayflower Estates lands are sold at a haughty $2 million/acre. Add the fact that this elite community is home to the richest, most affluent and most powerful Dallas residents, which include former US President George W. Bush.

For that price, the Crespi-Hicks Estate beats the California estate named Fleur de Lys, which happened to be the most expensive home listed publicly in the market since November when the Casa Casuarina in Miami reduced its selling price to $100 million.