Eco friendly fashion

High-End Eco-Fashion – The Evolution of Luxury

Eco-fashion is apparently becoming more and more important in out lives and even the luxury fashion market has adapted this trend. Over the last decade, reducing waste and cutting back on the use of non-renewable energy resources or “going green” has become quite commonplace.

Attribution :  © Glenn Francis,

© Glenn Francis,

Many people have been implementing this practical practice by recycling, driving less, using fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent lights, installing solar panels and other eco-friendly practices. But what most people do not understand is that the clothes they wear are damaging to the environment, as damaging as plastic bags actually.

Despite some attempts of small time manufacturers to come up with eco-friendly clothing alternative, the public has not been patronizing clothes that made of natural fibers. Probably because of the common notion that environment-friendly means non-fashionable and quite plain. Add the fact that most previous attempts to come up with sustainable materials for clothes manufacturing have either failed or been dismissed due to lack of interest from the public and the big manufacturers.

We have seen eco-fashion shows showing off models in clothes made of organic materials but they just stayed there, on the runway, and never made it to the display windows and clothes racks of fashion shops. It was actually a shame that most high-end fashion designers have given up or scoffed the idea of utilizing sustainable clothing materials.

Thanks though, to the new breed of designers who are changing the way people think about high end fashion labels. Now, we can see and buy clothes that are made partly of organic and bamboo cotton. This only proved that there are some people who have carried on where some have left off.

Lotus flower

Lotus flower

The idea to create sustainable textiles out of organic materials is very smart and extremely practical. The earth is simple full of plants that can be used to their full potential and finally, this fact has been recognized. Just a year ago, a big Italian luxury clothing manufacturer has successfully discovered lotus flower fiber, which is a natural raw material from Myanmar. It was effectively extracted from the lotus plant, hand-spun and hand-woven within a day to produce a fabric very much similar to raw silk.

These new organic materials and more are now being successfully used not just by small time designers but also by luxury brands. There are now high-end fashion wear collections that are making big waves. The popularity of jackets made of the lotus flower fiber is one example that people really are going green.

It is actually the public’s positive reaction to anything environmental-friendly that prompted the fashion industry to answer they cry for manufacturing of high end fashion labels. At the end of the day, this proved to be a smart decision not just for the people but for the planet in general.

More and more consumers are obviously caring more and more about the good of the environment and they want to purchase products from those who care as they do. For now, though, high-end eco-fashion is only going mainstream in key cities in the world as they are too expensive to produce. But, hopefully, as more designers and manufacturers are going to produce these clothes, more and more retailers will sell. Then we can be assured that in the future, these products will come into the awareness of the whole world.


The Last Video of Cecil The Lion

The Last video of Cecil The Lion

Cicil was a male Southwest African lion (Panthera leo bleyenberghi) who primarily lived in the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe and was 13 years old when he was killed.


NASA: 2014 Continues Long-Term Global Warming

NASA initially claimed that according to their readings, 2014 was the warmest year since 1880. There was a video that showed time progression of the recorded temperature changes from 1880. The blue colors indicate cool weather and the red colors indicate the warm weather. As the video finished it can be noted that the blue colors are almost non-existent, while the red colors dominated the globe. This only means that the Earth has indeed gone very warm and 2014 can indeed be the warmest year on record.

The warming estimation was perform by the NASA laboratory under the name GISS or the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The NASA scientists are expecting that the Earth’s temperature are going to continue to fluctuate, which could mean that 2015 may not be as warm as 2014, or it could be warmer. One thing is sure though, the world has surely warmed up since 1880 by up to 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.8 degrees Celsius.

Another fact that cannot be questioned is that the main reason for the global warming is the sad case of non-stop greenhouse gas emission. The phenomenon of the deadly emissions can only be blamed to humanity. And although efforts are being undertaken, the effects have resulted to extreme climate change, which is evident through global warming.

As mentioned in the video description, the analysis given from GISS was gathered from the measurements in temperature from 6,300 weather stations from around the world, as well as temperature readings from buoy-based, ship-based ocean and from the Antarctic research stations.

Global-Warming-1880-1884 Global-Warming-1922-1926 Global-Warming-1946-1950 Global-Warming-1981-1984 Global-Warming-2001-2005 Global-Warming-2010-2014

The NASA Video

The national climate monitoring groups from all over the world have given their readings to the GISS and the result indicated that 2014 was the warmest year on record. The video released by NASA showed that from 1880, the Earth has been suffering from continued warming.

Reactions to the NASA Video

The video has received varied reactions from different people. There are some who said that global warming is true and 2014 is indeed the warmest year since 1880. Others though mentioned that the video description is ancient, as global warming is not being used today, climate change is the term in trend today.

Basically though, there is not much difference between global warming and climate change. Global warming just happens to be the more specific term as it refers to the increasing average temperature of the planet due to greenhouse emissions the build up in the atmosphere. Simply put, global warming causes climate change.

As the Earth goes warmer due to global warming, the rainfall patterns will change, there will be rising sea levels and all living things are going to experience all the negative impacts. When scientists discuss climate change, their main concern is generally about global warming being caused by human activities.

One observation is that no one knows for sure what the exact global temperature is. It can only be theorized that the measurements and the algorithms can provide the best estimates. To properly perform thermal surveys though, it is important to utilize advanced technology.

NASA Retracts Original Claim

According to NASA scientists, 2014 was the warmest recorded year since 1880. They were so sure about that before questions were raised. Now, the agency has retracted that claim and they are saying they were actually only 38 percent positive about their initial claim.

The previous title holders for the warmest years were 2005 and 2010. Compared to those years, 2014 was indeed warmer, but does that make it the warmest? The average earth temperature after all, has not significantly changed in the past decade.

Arguments on the NASA Video

Experts differ in their opinions regarding the significance of the NASA claim. However, it was noted that there is some doubt that the rapid warming experienced in the 1980s and 1990s has slowed down. The video was very clear; the red colors have dominated the globe. Thus, it can only mean that global warming is real, and that is one fact that cannot be denied despite the fact that there is an on-going argument if 2014 is indeed the warmest year since 1880.

Many people are not inclined to trust the NASA video and they want accurate facts. But, is it really possible to have the exact measurements. Are the red colors not enough to prove that 2014 was indeed the warmest year since 1880? They may not be any exact measurement and GISS can only provide estimates from gathered data, but it is still a fact that the Earth’s atmosphere is indeed getting warmer and not cooler.


Global warming has not been stopped, and that is despite the continued efforts to save the environment. It is sad to note that the impact has already been there and the Earth’s atmosphere has been overloaded with poisonous emissions caused by humanity.

The NASA video can be taken as it is and can also be questioned. The main idea behind it was to inform the public about global warming and how it looks like. If 2014 is indeed the warmest year, following 2005 and 2010, then it can only be concluded that 2015 may not be the next warmest as 2006 to 2009, and then 2011 to 2013 are slightly cooler years.

With such statement comes hope, that maybe all the efforts to save the environment can indeed save humanity and the world. It is important to keep in mind that NASA and other agencies can only give the measurements and the estimates. They can also only claim that a year is warmest because of the data they have gathered. They cannot save the Earth; this task is for the humans to perform.

The Earth’s atmosphere is significantly getting warmer due to human emissions. That means if humanity can make the earth warm, it can also make it cooler. This is where sustainable living comes in. It is after all, one of the most positive solutions to lessen global warming so that climate change can be avoided.

Top Ten Greenest Cities in the World for 2015

Top Ten Greenest Cities. The world is slowly turning sustainable and that is a good thing. Many cities are now Going Green. A proof is the continued growing list of the greenest cities in the world. But, what makes a city Green? How does one determine which is Greener than the other? Or how do worldwide organizations come up with the Greenest of them all?

If you are going to travel the world, where would you like to go? Are you going to include the city’s sustainability programs in your criteria for choosing your holiday destination?

If you think of a green city in terms of recycling programs, bike lanes, ample green open and public spaces like community gardens and parks, then the list below is surely going to make you drool. These top ten greenest cities to visit have made it to this list because they have been responsible for fighting the battle against climate change to the highest level. These cities do not just claim that they are Going Green; they do so through large scale efforts to do so, therefore they set good examples to the rest of the world.

These ten cities have been chosen because of their commendable utilization of renewable energy, promotion and support of green lifestyles, endorsement of green laws for the protection of the environment, and their use of innovative strategies to accomplish their goals for greener communities.

olso, norway

10. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway has always made it to the list of the greenest cities in the world and it is not really surprising. This city managed to be the greenest in the Norway despite the fact that it is also one of the most populated. Oslo, is indeed a very commendable city for tourists because despite the continuously increasing number of residents, it still manages to sustain its objective to stay green and make use of innovative sustainable methods.

Oslo was named the world’s second greenest city in 2007, also as one of the most inhabitable. Many other European cities are also adopting true sustainable practices for better quality of life, not just for their local residents but also for their visitors. Long before the other cities decided to join the wagon for sustainable earth, Oslo already made its own mark and thus it was due to its has a long history regarding worldwide environmental concern.
When it comes to greenhouse gas emission, it is a well-known fact that Oslo has the lowest compared to other metropolitan cities in Europe. Thanks to the full cooperation of the population and the incentive given by the government for each new building developed and for the promotion of energy efficiency. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that 85 percent of the school children in Oslo either walk or ride their bikes to and from school. Local commuters use hydroelectric-powered public transportation.

This Norwegian capital aims to effectively and completely phase out fossil fuel use by the year 2020. About 140 city buses are soon going to run using biofuel processed from collected food waste.

Gamla_Stan_swe. sweden

9. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden has always managed to make it on the list of one of the most sustainable cities worth visiting in Europe. In 2010, this Swedish city was named as the European Green Capital due to its high commitment to sustainability.

Stockholm’s very first attempts to be environmentally conscious started during the 1960s when a big campaign to clean the abundant waterways was launched. Today, rivers have been revived and one proof of that is the edible salmons caught in the city river.

Just like Oslo, Stockholm is also one of the European cities with less carbon emissions at a mere 3.4 tons/capita, where the average is 10 tons/capita in other European cities.

Stockholm also has its Environmental Program for 2012-2015 and it is based on the city’s vision to be a growing attractive city, where the people’s and nature’s needs balance off each other in a healthy environment characterized by quality living, functionality and biological diversity.

Stockholm also aims to prioritize other sustainable-inspired programs like encouraging the people to use their bike or walk, to lessen the noise levels, to increase eco-food product purchase, to reduce carbon emissions from 3.4 tons to even less than 3 tons per every resident, and to lessen incorrect recycling processes.

Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is already a famous tourist destination because of its stunning sceneries, wonderful castles, and its pride, the Little Mermaid. But this Denmark city is not just all about being a popular tourist destination; it has also successfully made it on the list of one of the greenest cities of the world that is worth visiting.

Just like the other top green cities, Copenhagen was chosen due to its dedication to high standards of quality living in an efficient environmental means. Additionally, this city is also a European Green Capital title holder due to the government’s and the citizens’ efforts to achieve and sustain a very clean and hygienic environment.

Therefore, Copenhagen is indeed can be considered as among the most remarkable tourist destinations to go; after all, it has also been dubbed as one of the most livable city in Europe.

Freiburg, Germany

7. Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg in Germany is one of the cleanest cities in the world, giving it the chance to also be on the list of the greenest cities worth visiting. This German city is very unique because it is a car-free city. Amazing, isn’t it? But it is true; in this modern time when almost every city road is congested with heavy traffic due to the increasing number of fossil-fuel powered vehicles, this city has managed to stay medieval and traditional.

What makes Freiburg a very popular destination is that it is beautifully surrounded by lush green hills, making it a prettily fenced city. Who wouldn’t want to spend a good holiday on this city that has ben rebuild to be highly sustainable? It is car-free and highly sustainable.

Freiburg is also proud of its overabundance of solar panels atop of its buildings as varied as schools, local churches, and even the City Hall. One of the city’s main objectives is to continuously cultivate solar energy and to efficiently reduce its carbon emissions by 40 percent by the year 2030.

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden

6. Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and it is a good model of metropolitan sustainability because it leads in the promotion of renewable energy solutions and due to its abundant green and fresh space. The city is considered one of the greenest cities in the world because it is home to the world’s third-largest wind-energy park and because it of its great objective to make all of its city operations climate-neutral in five years.

Additionally, the Western Harbor, a district within Malmö, effectively runs on 100-percent renewable energy gathered from the sun, the wind and through hydro power. The neighborhood also uses biofuels that are efficiently produced from organic waste. The buildings here are constructed using sustainable materials and have been designed and planned to be energy-efficient.

Western Harbor is also powered entirely by locally produced renewable energy and it makes use of vacuum waste chutes to keep the streets garbage truck-free. With all the sustainable plans and energy-efficient projects that Malmö is focusing on, the city should be climate neutral by the year 2020.

Vancouver, Canada

5. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is Canada’s greenest city. This city aims to be called the world’s greenest city by 2020. It is certainly a good option for a sustainable destination because it is a center for clean-technology innovation like solar-powered garbage compactors that can be found within the city. Each of this compactor is measured just like a regular trash can but can hold up to five times the waste. This means fewer emissions-spewing trash trucks, low-carbon emissions and increased generation of renewable resources for up to 90 power.

What’s more enticing about Vancouver is that it has over 200 open clean parks; making it possible for tourists to really enjoy the fresh Canada air.

Vancouver is indeed a good place to visit. It may be densely populated and a bit expensive, but it is a desirable city to live because of its moderate weather and clean environment. It is after Canada’s cleanest city and one of the world’s greenest.


4 San Francisco, California

San Francisco in California has always been voted as one of the cleanest cities in North America and there are plenty of reasons why that is so. First, San Francisco was the first US key city that banned the use of plastic bag. Second, in October of 2009 this city launched its mandatory recycling program enabling it to keep 77 percent discarded waster materials safely away from the landfills — this is the highest diversion rate in the US.
San Francisco is also able to demonstrate that zero waste is a very attainable and environmentally responsible objective. It has been the city’s pride to announce that the trash collection campaigns have been highly successful mainly because the staffs of the city trash collection agencies have effectively reached out to educate the residents and business owners that it is important to recycle and compost for the achievement of a zero-waste city.
Of course, there has never been any question about San Francisco being a highly popular tourist destination. But the fact that it is one of the greenest cities in the world makes it a more appealing choice than some.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

3. Portland, Oregon

On the number three spot as the world’s top greenest cities is another US city, Portland in Oregon. This city does not need too much introduction as – time and again – it has continuously beaten all the other US cities. Being Green has been achieved in Portland, now the city is focusing more on embracing nature. Local residents are now making it a popular practice to eat locally produced products, to carpool, to recycle and to make the buildings LEED-certified.
As Oregon’s largest city, Portland has efficiently utilized renewable energy resources for up to 20 percent more than what is being implemented nationally. Just like San Francisco, Portland was also one of the first US cities to ban the use of plastic bags. It also has about 250 miles bike lanes, trails and paths. As a matter of fact, Portland is named as the United State’s most bikeable city.


2. Bristol, South West England

Bristol has been declared as the United Kingdom’s greenest city and it has been announced as Europe’s greenest city, beating Brussels, Glasgow, Lubljana and the current title holder, Nantes.
Some people may not be very much familiar with Bristol as a tourist destination in the UK. But with this latest achievement, it will be no doubt that many people from all over the world are going to see what this city really has to offer. After all, it wouldn’t be Europe’s greenest and the second in the world, if it has nothing unique and truly beautiful offer.



Reykjavik, Iceland

On top of the list as the number one greenest city in the world is Reykjavik in Iceland. Iceland, in itself is a truly unique and magical country. It has a culture all its own. Its people are unique in their own ways. It is no mystery then that one of its cities will make it into the list, and getting the top spot is surely something to be truly proud of.
Reykjavik runs virtually totally on renewable energy. This island state is rich with geothermal activity being effectively converted into renewable clean energy. The city also utilizes only 0.1 percent fossil fuels in providing power for electricity. Now, that is a number that has not been achieved by any other city.
Presently, Reykjavik gathers its energy for electricity, hot water and heat from geothermal resources and hydro power. By 2050, it is estimated that the city will be highly independent from using fossil fuel.
For those who are not familiar with Reykjavik or Iceland it elf, it is worth knowing that being the greenest city in the world, also makes this city one of the most coveted destinations today and for years to come.

Get to Know the Top Ten Greenest Cities in the World for 2014

The world is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live in. Every single human being is privileged to be a part of all the wonders and beauty of this planet called Earth. Over time though, things happened and slowly, the world as known to mankind has changed. It is not a beautiful and as clean as it was before. Living becomes a drag as everyone needs to fight off pollution and climate change.

The green cities of yesteryears have diminished in number and more and more cities have turned dirty and dusty. The environment everywhere has turned unhygienic and therefore, the demand for cleaner places to live has been increasing day by day. But with the continued improvement of human lifestyles and the innovation of more machines, the dream for a greener world looked somewhat like an impossibility now.

Thanks to the efforts of governments and vigilant individuals and organizations, Going Green has been globally introduced. Due to the increased awareness on the need to have a better world to live in, it has become essential for some to start building a green and sustainable Earth. This prompted countries from all over the world to actively join in the venture to wage a war against climate change and to develop a future that is environmentally friendly for every living being.

Proper planning and the right management, along with the implementation of different sustainable methods, it has become possible for many cities to maintain their green objectives amidst increased population and urbanization.

Many cities have acknowledged the need to keep the environment safe and the air clean and fresh. They have realized that the cleaner they are the healthier their constituents are.

But what does it take for a city to be recognized as a green city? What are the criteria to be on the list of the world’s greenest cities? Are you living in a green city? Would you like to visit a green city, where you will see more bicycles than cars on the streets? Do you want to know and explore the different sustainable means currently being implemented in the green cities? The following are the cities that made it to the most recent list of the top ten greenest cities in the world:

Zermatt, Switzerland

10. Zermatt, Switzerland

The top ten spot is given to the city of Zermatt in Switzerland. It is a picturesque and charming Swiss town located at the foot of Matterhorn Mountain, and it is an ideal place for hiking, mountaineering and skiing. Despite the boost in the Swiss tourism industry, this quaint city has managed to fight back the need for modern infrastructure development and the increasing traffic demands. Up until today, the streets of Zermatt are filled only with pedestrians, people on their bicycles, horse carts, hand carts and a few electric cars (emergency vehicles).

Freiburg, Germany

9. Freiburg, Germany

On the number nine position is the city of Freiburg in Germany, which also happens to be on the list of the top cleanest cities in the world. What makes this a highly sustainable green city is it roads that are car-free. As amazing as that may sound in this modern time, this city has managed to maintain its medieval style of living. The city is surrounded by green hills that form a fence. Freiburg is very popular for its breathtaking sceneries, high-standard of living, and its all-year-round warm and sunny weather.

One of main reasons why Freiburg has made it on the list is its experimentation on green living, which has being implemented for decades. After the city’s World War II destruction, it was rebuilt on sustainable green principles. It was in the 1980’s when it became a car-free city, making it indeed one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

8. Oslo, Norway

Oslo may be one of the most populous cities in Norway, but is also the greenest. This means that despite the increasing number of people living in this city, it has been able to maintain its objective to keep green and use sustainable methods. In 2007, Oslo was the second greenest city in the world and also one of the most livable. Currently, it is also among the top of the cleanest cities in the world, and for the past several years, it is known also to be among the most expensive cities globally.

While other European cities and destinations like Reykjavik in Iceland and Malmo in Sweden have also adopted true green practices for better quality of living, Oslo made it on the list because of its long history of global environmental concern. Long before other European cities have decided to join the green wagon, Oslo has already made its mark. By 2012, heating oil has been effectively replaced with renewable energy resources and all buses that run on fossil fuel are now using biofuels. When it comes to carbon emission, Oslo is well-known to have the lowest among other European metropolis cities. One of the main reasons why Oslo has been very successful in going green is because of the full cooperation being given by the population as well as the incentives being provided by the government for every building to be developed and built promoting energy efficiency. It is also worthy to mention that 85% of the city’s school children bike, walk or use the hydroelectric powered public transport. Additionally, 94% of household wastes are properly recycled.

If you walk around Oslo, you will be greeted with good air quality and a great view of trash-free streets. Even in winter, you can enjoy walking through the public parks. And if you want to go green all the way, you can easily find an eco-friendly hotel in this city.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

7. Portland, Oregon

The greenest city in the United States is Portland in Oregon. It has successfully beaten other more popular cities like San Francisco and New York. So, what makes this city green? Year after year, Portland has been named as one of the cleanest cities in the US, but that did not necessarily mean it is green. Recently though, the city has been focusing more and more on how to properly embrace nature. People of Portland has made it popular to eat local, recycle, carpool and making their building LEED-certified.

Portland is Oregon’s largest city and it has effectively utilizes renewable energy resources; 20% more compared to what’s being implemented on a national level (Portland uses 33%, while national average is only 13%). It was also one of the first US cities to ban the use of plastic bags. It also has around 250 miles of bike lanes, paths and trails.

Just like Oslo, Portland also offers clean fresh air, and its water supply is considered as the cleanest among the largest US cities. When it comes to recycling waste, Portland successfully saves 250,000 tons of CO2 on a yearly basis.

Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is that famous city in Denmark for its beautiful sceneries, magnificent castles, and of course, the globally popular Little Mermaid. Aside from the popular tourist attractions, Copenhagen has also made a name for itself for being among the top greenest cities in the world because of its commitment to high standards of living in an environmental way.

Currently, it holds the title as a European Green Capital, because of the citizens’ and the government’s efforts in achieving and sustaining a highly hygienic and clean environment. With that said, Copenhagen is undoubtedly one of the most amazing destinations to go and one of the best places to live at.

Through the years, and with the continued efforts to become and remain sustainable, this city has successfully built a great reputation as a global leader in combating climate change. And just like the cities mentioned above, it is also a city known for bicycles. It has been reported that a third of the city’s residents use their bikes primarily in getting to work and school, and in getting around the city. By next year the numbers of bike users are expected to reach up to 50% of the total number of local residents.

In 2009, this city was host to the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference, proving that the world has been acknowledging its efforts to save the Earth.

Dallas, Texas

5. Dallas, Texas

Another US city has made it to the list, Dallas in Texas because it is one of the first ones that mandatorily implemented the Green Building Standards. As of October last year, all commercial and residential building projects are required to meet the city’s Green Construction Code or to get certified under Green Built Texas, LEED and other sustainable green building codes and standards. And because of the requirements to follow strict city plumbing codes, it is expected that all the succeeding building projects in the city will reduce water usage for up to 20%.

The city recognizes the basic link between the intention of the building codes to safeguard the public’s safety, general welfare and health, and to preserve a healthy and safe natural environment. Dallas also incorporates sustainability through reduction and reuse of resources, water conservation and energy efficiency, efforts that effectively translate to a stronger and better economy.

Adelaide, Australia

4. Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is one of Australia’s most beautiful cities and it is one city where going green rules. It offers 29 parks and green hotels. It also quite well-known as a Cycling City because it offers over 500 bikes that can be hired for free. This is through the effort of the city council’s objective for a greener and cleaner city. There are 14 bike hire locations scattered around the city, including the ones on Pirie Street (where the city council office is located), North Terrace and Waymouth Street.

When it comes to public transport, Adelaide offers Tindo, the very first solar-powered bus in the world, which offers air-conditioning and wireless internet. For those who decide to walk around the city, they will be welcomed by Adelaide’s green buildings.

Recycling is also a big part of Adelaide’s efforts to Go Green. The city’s central market has been effectively recycling over 85% of its waste. Use of renewable resources like the power of the sun has also become a huge part of sustainable living in Adelaide. As proof of this, most of the buildings including the Parliament House, the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Adelaide central Bus Station and the South Australia Museum Art Gallery, boast of solar panel systems.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

3. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates managed to get listed because of the city’s efforts to promote waste reduction, water conservation and energy efficiency. It implements the Estidama Pearl Rating System that encourages the implementation of several developments towards Going Green.

One of the most fascinating Green projects of this city is the development of Masdar, the Green City, which is also known as one of the world’s most sustainable communities. Masdar is a model city that offers the best of the financial industries with its entrepreneurial and creative atmosphere. It is a great place to start a business because it is a specifically designed community that has the lowest carbon footprint. Therefore, it is only natural that this community within the city of Abu Dhabi be considered as the core of cleantech corporations in the UAE.

Cape Town, South Africa

2. Cape Town, South Africa

Due to Cape Town’s effective program on energy efficiency, it has gained the second top position as the greenest cities in the world. The program’s objective is consumption reduction within the municipality. It implements strict rules on energy reduction, as it also improves traffic and street lighting. Years ago, this city has been recognized for its environmentally-friendly efforts and it was good enough to be included in the top ten greenest cities list. In 2010, because of the city’s continued efforts it has become an international sustainability centre.

Cape Town maybe one of the most populous cities in the world, but it has continuously proven through the years that the number of its residents is not a hindrance to its objective to be totally Green and sustainable.

Vancouver, Canada

1 Vancouver, Canada

The number one greenest city in the world for 2014 is Vancouver in Canada. It’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan has been responsible for such a high position. As part of the city’s objectives to be the world’s greenest city, the city local council works with the residents in enacting sweeping changes in handling waste, ecosystem and carbon management.

It’s ambitious project for new and carbon neutral buildings by 2020 gave the world the wisdom that being completely Green is possible. Vancouver also aims to totally transform its transport system with the development of a new and innovative Bikeway and the 28 km long Seaside Greenway projects.

Over the years, many cities having been vying for the top spots on the greenest cities list, and the ten mentioned above have made it their obligation to sustain their Green Objectives. Some of these cities may maintain their spots and some may be replaced by other cities. The most important thing here is that the world is now highly aware that there is a great urgency to move towards saving the environment for the future generations.




Green Degree Program

Green Education – What is an Environmental Degree Program?

Green Education is not just a hot topic but it has also turned into a hot career as well. That is the reason why more and more people are also going Green when it comes to their college education. Taking master green college degree has suddenly been a trend and even professionals are taking Green courses in order to elevate their knowledge as well as heir careers.

We have certainly gone beyond, recycling, use of renewable energy and building sustainable homes, the human society has also been provided by universities and colleges with Green education, through the different college programs that aim to educate the world regarding the status of our environment and what solutions can be done.

Green Education

Green Education

Green Education – What is  an environmental degree program?

Essentially, a Green degree is a scientific study of the environment as well as the eco-system and everything else that revolves in it. Through the years, more and more courses and degrees have been established based on different ecological specialties.

Green degrees cover a lot of education disciplined such as; environmental science, environmental law, ecological restoration, marine conservation, wildlife ecology, sustainable food science, natural sciences, and many more.

There are minor classes that can be taken in quick courses, and these include; sustainable agriculture renewable energy, bioprocess engineering, outdoor education and paper engineering.

Green education is not a new trend actually; many colleges have been offering it for a long time. The only difference today, is that the public is more informed about the topic of being environmental-friendly and most students come to institutions already fully equipped with the most basic knowledge.

The students are not just equipped with Green basics but they are also totally committed to the objective of sustainability and conservation.

Hand-On Approach to Green Education

Since the students are now widely knowledgeable about the importance of environmental studies, current green college degrees are now more focused of providing students with more hand-on trainings. Students now have the opportunity to work while learning. They are given early internships since they can easily go through the theory parts of the degrees.

This new approach in providing Green degrees is actually the answer to the students’ demands for more practical applications of what they are learning in the classroom. Once they are given a problem, they want to figure out the solutions right away; and not through essays but by going out there and finding out what they can.

How to Get a Master Green College Degree

Enrolling at a Green College or a Environmental University is of course the best way to get a Green degree. The good news is there are lots of institutions out there that have definitely gone Green and they offer degrees, classes and programs that deal with environmental studies.

So, if you want to live a sustainable and an eco-friendly lifestyle, you need to find a Green college that can provide you with the Green education that you are looking for. Remember that in finding a Green college, it is not just important that they offer the course that you want, but they must have facilities that are sustainable and the entire campus must practice all the aspects of clean and green living.


Get to Know the 12 Sustainable Things that Successful People Engage Into

Being successful in any endeavor or any chosen industry is not an easy achievement; even people that are born rich still need to be very persistent in their chosen careers and paths if they want to excel and to eventually succeed. Success was traditionally measure with the number of homes, cars and businesses an individual possesses. But today, success is measured with how sustainable your business is and how your shareholders and clients view your company and the products or services that you are offering. Read more

Sustainable Quotes

Greatest and Unique Inspirational Sustainable Quotes

Sustainability is all about being able to endure. When it comes to the environment, it becomes something that defines the need to save the planet Earth. If the world becomes highly enabled for sustainability, there is a big chance that our Earth will have the enduring capacity to sustain life.

Thus, the love for the planet is the reason why there is a magnanimous availability of quotable quotes about sustainability.

Inspirational Sustainable Quotes:

“If humans start learning about the environment now, the world is surely going to be a better place tomorrow”

Such quote is very relevant. Today is the day to start saving Mother Earth, there is nothing we can do about yesterday, and tomorrow offers the chance to start anew.

“Sustainable future should start with sustainable objective”

The key to the achievement of anything is through the maintenance of the main goals. Without objectives, no project will ever take off the ground, and if objectives are not sustained, achievement of success is definitely out of reach.

“Pollution is something created, thus it is something that can also be avoided” –

Humans created pollution; it is not something we are born with. Pollution happens because mankind is weak and this weakness prevents us from dealing with what we want to put to trash. If we can create pollution, we should also be able to create a solution that will put an end to this global dilemma.

“Use of plastic is dominant due to functionality and affordability. What we all fail to realize is that the cost we save with plastic is not enough to pay for the cost of eventually losing our planet”

Companies have been manufacturing plastics and people have been using them. Plastics are everywhere, and this is the reason why we are soon going to be deeply drowned in non-biodegradable trash.

“Let us not wait for Earth to surrender, let us give her the support she needs before she eventually let us down”

Sustainability is needed; and that is a fact. If we start using resources that are sustainable, we start to save those that are non-renewable. This means that the world we live in will have a longer life and thus the next generations will be able to enjoy living on a sustained and maintained planet.

“Technology is great, but human lives are precious”

There is nothing wrong with being advanced or with having the ability to use technology for the betterment of the people. But when technology starts to create havoc and damage the world we live in, it is about time to stop, think and re-align our priorities.

“Let us be inspired, let us create a better world to live in. Let us sustain what we have now, before the time comes when there is nothing to sustain anymore” –

It is better to act now than wait for the wait for the time when there is nothing we can do. The will to change should begin now, while there is still something to save. Let us not wait for the planet to disintegrate, because when that happens, no matter how many billions are willing to help, all efforts will be fruitless.


Top Luxury Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Honeymoon is that perfect time when newlyweds get to spend precious moments together before going back to normal living. Couples pamper themselves to the ecstasy of love as a couple through Honeymoons. Making it more promising is a perfect destination that articulates blissful ambiance in harmony with their emotions. Couples are searching for a place where they would be treated as Royal Kings and Queens and would suffice their desires.

Whatever kind of atmosphere they wanted to indulge themselves into, one thing is for sure, they want to have an extraordinary honeymoon of their lifetime!

Fakarava ponton rotoava, French Polynesia

Fakarava Ponton Rotoava, French Polynesia

The Top 5 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

Dream honeymoons oftentimes end up as the couples’ most unforgettable vacations. The following destinations all qualify as the top luxury honeymoon destinations in the world because they expect and fulfill the needs of a couple. These places offer not just romance, but also change of scene, style, and unique adventure.


Tahiti, French Polynesia

The physical setting of Tahiti in the Southern Pacific is said to be the most ideal place for honeymooners, with its spectacular splendor, every couple could spend an exceptional time as husband and wife. Countryside and natural scenery summons for unforgettable memories to happen. Couples should not forget to bring their cameras to capture moments that will last forever.




Absolute magnificence of tropical isles, superb marine biodiversity can be found at Maldives. Couple divers and even not can enjoy the ocean’s wide beauty here. The pure gentleness of the cultural people may even attract you more.

Kaui Panorama Kauai, Hawaii

Kaui Panorama Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

If you’re looking for a fantastic adventure on islands, Kauai Hawaii is the perfect destination for you. Landscape scenery will welcome you along the way, together with its surprising setting of water forms and beaches near the islands. Fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers are available daily. Kauai is perfectly what we expect when we think of Hawaii escape.

Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, France

Of course, Paris France will never be out of the list. The City of Lights can also be called City of Love as many inspiring historical romantic events happened here. But some would say that Paris, France can be just an ordinary and common destination, but the secret behind a superior getaway is thinking out of the box. Try to take advantage of the city’s advancement in Arts and Culture to make it remarkable. And to complete your Paris experience, never fail to recall visiting Versailles and the evening promenade of people eating on the streets with happy faces.

A view of Florence, Italy

A view of Florence, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is home of delicious food and beverages because it is a country centered on Culinary professionalism. A special plate of pasta and a glass of wine shared by two will surely bring closer connections to the couple. While the stomach is filled with nutrition, the hearts are bursting with endless love along with it, that’s the magic of Italy.


How to Grow an Avocado from Pit

How to Grow Naturally an Avocado from Pit

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]vocados are one of the most nutritious fruits and they are most only available during the summer months. Avocados can provide virtually around 20 vital nutrients, which include; potassium, folic acid, fiber, Vitamin E, folic acid and B-vitamins. This fruit is also known as nutrient booster because it helps the body in the absorption of additional fat-soluble nutrients like lutein and alpha and beta-carotene in foods that are consumed along with it.

The avocado meat is fairly smooth and firm yet yielding to the teeth. It is also rich in texture with flavor that is not sweet yet very delectable. Mashed avocados bring out a very refreshing aroma that entices the senses very much.

Avocados are good for making salads, guacamole and fruit-flavored milk shakes. Next time you eat an avocado, you may want to save its pit and grow an avocado tree. Below are the step by step instructions on how you can grow an avocado tree from a pit.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 1

The first step in planting an avocado is to remove the fruit meat from the pit – be very careful as to not cut the pit. Then clean the pit of all the remaining fruit meat. This can be easily achieved by soaking the pit in water for some minutes and then scrubbing what’s left of the fruit. Be very careful though as not to remove the seed cover or the brown skin around the pit.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 2

Find the bottom part of the pit. In oval shaped avocado pits this is easy to do, the bigger part is the bottom part and that is where the roots will grow; while the top part is the pointed part and that is where the sprout will grow. Identifying the bottom part from the top part is important because you are going to need to soak the bottom part in water. This is a very important process because this will make the pit to sprout.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 3

Avocado pit in aglass of waterThe next step will need 3 pieces of toothpicks. You need to stick each toothpick at a slightly downward angle into the pit – the toothpicks should be spaced evenly around the seed. Once the toothpicks are in place, you will have scaffolding that will allow you to put the pit into a glass of water. Make sure that each toothpick is wedged in their places firmly so that the bottom part of the seed can rest well under the water without the rest of the pit submerging.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 4

Once the seed is properly placed on the glass and the bottom part is resting well, set the glass in a place where there is direct sunlight. Be sure that the place where you put the glass with the seed is easily accessible to you so that you can see the roots coming out and in order for you to easily change the water every now and then. Changing the water regularly is very important in order to prevent mold, fungus and bacteria growth. You do not have to change the water everyday though, doing it every 5 days should be sufficient.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 5

This is the time when you wait for sprouting to occur. In some cases, an avocado pit will sprout within 2 to 4 weeks, but it can also take up to 8 weeks. So patience is needed. During this process you will notice that top part of the pit will dry out and a crack will form as the seed skin will start to slough off. You will also notice that the crack will get bigger and will reach to the bottom part of the seed. Through that bottom crack, a small taproot will appear. The taproot will grow and may also branch out, until you can see a tiny sprout peeking through the top part of the seed. Keep the taproot submerged under water, allowing it to dry out will be the end of the early life of your tree.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 6

From the sprout at the top branch the stem of your plant will grow. Once the stem is about 6 to 7 inches you need to trim it down to 3 inches so that new growth will appear. When it grows 6 inches once more take the seed out from the glass and plant it in a pot with rich humus soil. Do not plant the entire seed, leave the top half exposed. Put the pot with your avocado plant back in the sunny location – avocados grow better when directly exposed to sunlight.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 7

Water your plant regularly with deep soaking every now and then. Make sure that the soil is moist all the time, though not saturated with water. Over watering is not good, so be moderate. When you see the leaves turning yellow, it means you are over watering. When that happens, simply let it be for a few days and things will go back to normal.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 8

When the stem is about a foot high, pinch out the top leaves in order to encourage side shoots growths; this is important to encourage growth of more leaves to make your plant bushier. Do the pinching process every time the plant grows additional 6 inches. Always pinch the newest sets of top leaves.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 9

This is the bug control process. Avocado plants collect aphids or plant lice and you need to get rid of them or else they will eat out your plant’s leaves. To get rid of those plant pests slightly spray your plant with water. Once they are off the leaves spray the plant with a mixture of water, small amount of dish-washing liquid and neem oil (one teaspoon) – this is great anti-aphids solution.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 10

This step is necessary when you live in a location where summer is not a year long occasion. This is called the wintering process. When the temperature outside hits 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you must bring your plant inside the house before the temperature falls.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 11

Once your avocado plant looks well established in its pot, it is about time to plant it directly to the ground. You need to dig a little dip into the ground, make sure that the entire pot can be buried entirely. But you should not plant the tree with the pot. Prior to transferring the tree, take it out from the pot and then bury it in the hole you made.

Will the tree ever bear fruit?

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” ]This is not a guaranteed thing. But in most cases, your avocado tree may start bearing fruit within 3 to 4 years, sometime if you are not that lucky, you may have to wait 15 years or worse, you may never taste an avocado fruit from your tree. A good advice is to plant several trees for pollination.[/box]