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Ten Amazing Facts about Bees

Bees are known for the sweet honey they produce, just as they are popular the world over for their perfectly constructed beehives and for effectively pollinating crops. But there are simple so much more about these buzzing small flying animals than that. The following are the ten amazing facts about bee that you may not […]

Top 5 Examples of Alternative Energy Resources

Fuel has a wide arrange of application in our daily lives, that’s why oil products are extremely demanded all around the globe. So, a massive increase on its price is a big burden to every country’s economy and its citizens. Due to this, the international market emphasizes the urgency to assess all alternative energy available. […]

The Harmful Effect of Herbicides on the Habitat of Monarch Butterflies

Did you know that since the 1990s over 970 million monarch butterflies have disappeared? After their sudden disappearance we have only around 30 million of the unique and exotic black and orange insects left. The decrease in the milkweed plant habitat of the butterflies and the utilization of extensive herbicides is ruining the habitat of […]

The Beauty and Dependability of Electric Luxury Cars

Electric luxury cars are currently gaining popularity due to some obvious advantages that they can provide. They have indeed already attracted a good following of car enthusiasts and they are still carving their way into the mainstream. If you are thinking of purchasing an electric luxury car, it is important though to understand that you […]

How to Find Happiness, 20 Things Happy People Do

Virtually, there is no person who does not want to be happy in life or to live a happy life. However, experience has shown that not everybody is happy in life. There are in fact many people who other people think that they have every reason to be happy yet they are always unhappy because […]

World’s Most Expensive City to Live In

If you are planning to relocate and you are thinking that you can afford to live in a city where the cost living is beyond that of an ordinary man’s reach, then you will be glad you know that a recent survey showed that top 10 most expensive cities in the world to live in. […]

Pick One of the Top 10 Green Degrees

The fact that more and more people are getting encouraged to go Green is the main reason why, each year, the number of students taking up green degrees is increasing. And because of the continuing rise in the demand for such degrees, more and more colleges are coming up with new and innovative programs. Going […]

High-End Eco-Fashion – The Evolution of Luxury

Eco-fashion is apparently becoming more and more important in out lives and even the luxury fashion market has adapted this trend. Over the last decade, reducing waste and cutting back on the use of non-renewable energy resources or “going green” has become quite commonplace. Many people have been implementing this practical practice by recycling, driving […]