Happy People

How to Find Happiness, 20 Things Happy People Do

Virtually, there is no person who does not want to be happy in life or to live a happy life. However, experience has shown that not everybody is happy in life. There are in fact many people who other people think that they have every reason to be happy yet they are always unhappy because of one reason or the other. Happiness involves a lot of things and it is more than material acquisition. This is why in recent time a group of psychologists has suggested using psychology to make normal people happy rather than using it to help mental disturbed people alone.

Happiness as experience and research have shown come from within. Material possession, fame, wealth and fortune alone might bring happiness. These things are good but on themselves. Your attitude in life, genes, behavior, health, environment, social relationship with others and others are some of the factors that will make you happy. Given the above, if you want to be happy, you should be able to control your behavioral tendencies and other aspects of yourself. Below are some of the things that happy people do that help them to remain happy.



1. Obey your conscience

Conscience has been defined differently by different scholars. It could be said to be an authoritative guide to behavior. Some people have likened it to the voice of God in man that tells man what is right to be done and what is wrong to be avoided. No matter how it is defined, if you want to be happy in life, you should always try to live according to the dictate of your conscience. Happy people obey their conscience always. Normally, when you disobey your conscience, it will come back to torment you. You will always remain sad or unhappy, if you have guilty conscience. Happy people always obey their conscience in order not to suffer from guilty conscience.

2. Be jovial and keep a good social relationship with others

Aristotle, one of the most popular ancient Greek philosophers denominated man a social animal. He lives in the company of others. According a popular saying, no man is an island. This means human beings need one another in order to live a fulfilled life. You cannot accomplish anything in life without the help of the other. Given this, it is difficult for you to be happy if you do not have a good relationship with others.

When you are friendly to other people, they will be friendly to you. Your friends will visit you, celebrate success with you and console you when you are passing through trial moments. But if you do not have good relationship with others, people will always avoid you. You will not have people to celebrate your success with your or people to condole with you during difficult moment. You will become lonely in life and this will make you to be unhappy always. People who are happy have healthy relationship with others.

3. Keep the rules of any society your found yourself

Laws breakers are never happy because they will always be punished accordingly. If you want to be happy in the modern society, you should always obey the rules so that you will not be punished.

4. Doing Your Best Always to Achieve Your Goal

Most of us have our life goal and work towards achieving that. Some people end up not achieving their goal because they did not work hard or they did not do what they were supposed to do. According to psychologists, these people will later regret not doing what they should have done in order to achieve their goal. This regret will make them to become unhappy. Happy people always do their best in life. If they did not succeed in achieving their goal, they will still be happy for having done their best. Happy people are fulfilled people. Fulfillment comes when one has worked well and done everything possible within his/power in order to succeed in life. So, if you want to thread the path of happy people, you should always work hard and do your best in life.

5. Avoid unnecessary comparison

Comparing yourself unnecessary with another person can be dangerous. It does not mean that you should not take cue or good example from other people. But doing unnecessary comparison or thinking that the other is better than you can deflate your ego and sense of self-esteem. Once your ego is deflated, failure and inferiority complex will set in. Unnecessary comparison or wanting to be like others gradually will make you to become jealous of the other person even when you do not want. The key to avoiding unnecessary comparison is to be happy with who you are and your achievement.

Unnecessary comparison will keep you thinking always. You will never have a relaxed mind. You will become emotionally disturbed if you do not have rest of mind. The quality of your health will start to degenerate.

If you look at the life of people who are always happy, they do not bother so much about the achievements of other. They can take others as role models or learn from the life histories of others but they do not worry themselves about the achievements of their mates. So, do not keep your mind occupied with the achievements of the other people around you.



6. Eat well and improve the quality of well

Happiness is closely associated with good health. If you are not healthy or if you are sick, you will easily become unhappy especially when your condition does not carry on with your life routine. In order to remain healthy, you should always feed well. Feeding well here does not mean eating anything that comes your way. You should have a good dietary plan. Eating a balanced diet is the idea. If you are well fed, your immune system will be strong and you will not always be sick.

On the other hand, not feeding well which include having a bad dietary plan can cause you some health problems that may keep you unhappy. For example, becoming obese makes you to be unhappy. Obesity or overweight in most cases is caused by poor eating habit. So, you should always mind what you eat.

Happy people understand the connection between happiness and diet. Thus, they make sure that they eat only those things that will help to build up their immune system and will not make them to develop any health problem. They also avoid certain foods that will cause them some health problems.

Man jumping

Man jumping

7. Take time to exercise and relax

As it has been said above, all works and no play make Jack a dull boy. Always make out time to do exercise and relax with your friends. Regular exercise helps to improve the quality of your health. Excess fats that can cause overweight and other heart problems are burned down during workout exercise. Exercise also improves the metabolic process of your body which is the process through which fat and complex sugars are broken down for the release of energy to the cells of the body. If you do regular exercise, you will have the strength to carry out your daily activities. Exercise facilitates the removal of waste product of metabolism. It improves sleep.

Exercising in the gym or together with others people provides a veritable avenue of socializing. As it has been said above, having good relationship helps you to be happy. All the above benefits of exercise will help you to be happy.

8. Make do with your basic need

Happy people only go for what they need. If you want to acquire everything that you want, you will end having chains of unfulfilled wants and this will make you unhappy.

9. Learn to accept what you cannot change

There are a lot of things that are beyond your control. If you find yourself in any condition that you cannot change, the best thing you can do in order to remain happy is to accept the condition and learn to live with it. Happy people always accept conditions beyond them.

10. Do not bear grudges against any person

Bearing grudges against any person will affects your wellbeing and make you to be unhappy. Bearing grudges brings about negative emotions which will gradually deplete your immune system. If you bear grudges against any person, your mind will be preoccupied with the problem and this will keep you restless.

Baby and dad sleeping

Baby and dad sleeping

11. Sleep well

Having a good night rest and if possible taking your siesta always will help you to remain healthy and strong. You will be happy if you are healthy and strong.

12. Learn to go for a holiday

Most people tend to spend all their lives working without having some moment off. This is not actually the best. Happy people always take their leave and use the moment to be together with their family and loved ones. During your leave period, you will acquire more experience in life and also learn new things.

13. Be yourself always

One of the reasons why most people make mistakes that cause them their happiness afterwards is because they are not living authentic life. They follow the crowd or allow themselves to be influenced by others. This is not the case with happy people. Happy people always do what they are convinced of and then take responsibility of all their actions.

14. Be truthful

Lying ruptures the relationship that exists between you and the others. Besides, if people see you as a liar, you will lose your credibility and trustworthiness before them. You will definitely become unhappy when people do not trust you again.

15. Keep good friends

Happy people know the importance of keeping good friends. If you have good friends, you will be positively influenced and this will make you to cultivate good character that will help you to live a good life.

16. Do not defame others

Defaming others and gossiping around may be fun but it may also have some terrible mental consequences on you which may keep you unhappy. If you speak ill against another person intentionally, your conscience in one way or the other will disturb and torment you for that. You will be feeling guilty and unhappy anytime you see the person you defamed. You may pretend not to be bothered but invariably, you will be hurt internally.

17. Be kind to other people

It has been proved through research that being kind makes people to be happy. If you look at happy people around you, they are always kind and softhearted to others. You can also achieve happiness like them by treating others with love and kindness.

18. Have a positive view of problem

There is no person who does not have problem in life. But what makes the difference is how people approach the situations. If you want to be happy in life never you see any obstacle as a problem. Consider every problem as a challenge to be tackled. If you have a positive view of problems, you will be able to overcome it. There is always a feeling of happiness that comes when you succeed in overcoming an obstacle in life.

19. Forget about the past

Happy people do not dwell in their past. Though the past is good for a better future, but dwelling in your past mistakes or success will affect your present life and possibly your future. You can correct the mistake of your past in your present life. So, dwell not in the past but in the present.

20. Learn always

Happy people always increase the wealth of their experience and knowledge. You will be useful to people around you if you are knowledgeable and they will come to you to learn from you. This will help to make you happy.

Happy people are known for the above behaviors. If you want to be happy, cultivate above behavior.

Treat Insomnia with the Top 10 Best Natural Sleep Remedies

You are very much aware that you need regular sleep to be able to function effectively and productively every day. But if you happen to be among the majority of busy individuals today, then you are either not getting enough sleep or you are waking up too often in the middle of the night. This is actually a very common problem among adults. In most cases, being too busy at work is the culprit. Anxiety and depression are common causes as well.

One of the most common solutions used by people suffering from insomnia is taking sleeping pills. But, it is a known fact that taking synthetic products may not be good for the body in the long run. For one thing, the body gets immune with the effects of drugs after a while. Not to mention the possibility of damaging the liver if it has to constantly filter chemically-induced products.

The best way to go is to do things the natural way. It is very much possible to have a good night’s sleep every night if you can follow these top 10 best natural sleep remedies.A glass of milk

A Glass of Warm Milk at Night

Rather than take sleeping pills, why not take a warm glass of milk before bed time. It is an old practice that really works. This may be an old wives’ tale but believe it or not, it is the truth. The elders were right when they say that drinking a glass of warm milk before bed time can really help you feel sleepy. It is the tryptophan component in milk that helps. This component is a form of amino acid that has been proven to induce sleep. Tryptophan can also be found on tuna and turkey; so you may want to try a tuna salad or a turkey sandwich for dinner. For people who have been doing the ritual of drinking warm milk every night, they say that the calming effect of the drink helps them relax and wind down. So, why not take a dose of warm milk at night and see if this will work for you too.


No Caffeine After Lunch and Forward

If milk can help you go to sleep, coffee can keep you awake. Another old wives’ tale? Probably. But one that also stays true. A morning coffee can really get your day going, but guzzling coffee or caffeine-filled drinks – like soda – all day is not really that good at all. Caffeine is believed to have a half-life of five hours, which simply means that when you take a cup at around three to four o’clock in the afternoon, its effects will be out of your system by the time you need to sleep. Unfortunately, that is not true at all. It actually takes seven hours before majority part of the stimulant is out of your system. In most cases, around 25% percent of caffeine stimulant will remain in your body by the time you are lying in bed and trying hard to sleep. Aside from coffee and sodas, other drinks and food products that contain caffeine are chocolates, energy drinks, root beer, and even your decaffeinated coffee. It is best if you can stay away from these products if you want to get a good shut-eye every night for the rest of your life.


Prioritize Sleep

This may sound like a stupid advice as the objective here after all is to get some sleep. Some people though, are very much unaware that even if they are trying so hard to fall asleep, their mind may not be ready. The most common reason is that the body may be ready to rest, but the mind is still working overtime. The best thing to do is to try to relax and keep the troubles at bay for the night. This may not be an easy thing to do at first, but as always, practice makes perfect. So, just keep on repeating this practice and soon it will come automatically to you. You want to sleep, so concentrate on that objective.


Sweat it Out

Some people may not advice exercising in the evenings, as they believe that the adrenaline rush will keep you awake till late hours of night. There is no solid evidence of that claim though. But there have been studies proving that working out at night actually improves sleep. There was one study conducted that discovered that insomniacs who tried to do regular exercises slept better after a while. These people also started feeling less anxious and depressed, and they are also more energetic at day. Exercising at night though, does not mean to say that you need to really go for it like you are at a gym. Some simple stretching is enough and do not touch those weights.

safe sex

Make Love

The bed is made not just for sleeping, it is for making love as well. So, why not make love if sleep is not coming. It has been proven that after intercourse, a hormone called prolactin is released by both the male and female bodies. This kind of hormone is released during orgasm and it is really a good ingredient for a good night’s sleep. So, get some good old fashioned sex if you are finding it hard to sleep. Use your bed a little more productively; you never know this could be the one remedy that will work out for you, and for good.

Candle Flame


Self meditation is a good practice that may help you get that much elusive sleep. It could be a tough sell, but meditation is proven to be a powerful tool that can be useful for insomniacs. When you meditate you send out signals directly to your body’s nervous system to relax. Of course trying to relax when you can’t sleep may be easier said than done. But you can give it a try through meditation. It should be done right though, if you want to achieve the best results. This means doing it in a calming, quiet environment and when you are really ready for bed. Meditation is a good method that can help you control your stress levels, which is instrumental in helping you sleep better every night. Abdominal breathing is a good form of meditation that you can practice. Breathe easy from your abdomen and keep your attention on these breaths in order to help relax your mind and body. Eventually, you will be able to stay away from distractions and sleep will surely be a good companion. You can also meditate in a dimly lit room filled with soft music. Guided imagery is also a good meditation tool. You can simply focus your mind on an image that you really love to see during your waking hours. For instance, the view from your office window could be your stimulating factor for being productive at day. Use the same image to keep your mind relaxed at night. You can also pick one place where you always feel safe and happy. Keep the picture of the place in mind while lying in bed and invite your senses to explore that safe haven. Have you tried counting sheep? That is actually a form of meditation that you can also practice. If sheep seems to be too traditional for you, you can simply gaze upward and start counting. Eye strain can be relaxing, as long as you are not staring too hard. Rather, just stare out at nothing. Count one and then take a calming breath – inhale and exhale – and then continue counting. Imagine yourself climbing a hill and you are counting every step, there is a big chance that by the time you reach ten, your eyes will be half-closed.


Unwind at Home

As much as possible, avoid taking work home. Home is the place where you should be able to relax and unwind after a tiring and stressful day at work. If you are in the habit of taking your work home with you, it is about time to stop that practice. Walk through your door without the worries of work with you. In case you are a work-at-home person, your best option is to set a time to stop working. Unwinding is a good way to go. Do it early in the evening; make that transition from stressful day to relaxing evening. If you have to deal with issues at home, focus on it as soon as you are home and make sure that they have been resolved before you enter your bedroom. In simple words, keep your worries where they should be. A little you-time is essential to your unwinding time.Smelling Rosas

Smell the Roses

This doesn’t mean that you should explore your garden at night – though it could be a good idea on a good weather. This means making use of aroma therapy with aromatherapy or essential oils. Lavender is a good choice and so is sandalwood. Do not mistake aroma therapy though, as a cure for insomnia. But the relaxing and calming effects of essential oils can potentially induce sleep and keep you asleep until the time when you do need to wake up. Make sure though that you are going to use essential oils that stimulate sleep, and not scare it away. You need to know that there are essential oils than can actually keep you awake such as; rosemary, sage, basil and peppermint. You can use these oils to keep you going all day, but keep them at bay during the night if you want to sleep.


Take a Good Shower

Let the calming effects of the shower wash away the worries of the day. It would also be a good practice to bathe in your tub sprinkled with lavender or chamomile, at least an hour before your bed time.

dark room

Turn Out the Lights

When you were a kid, your parents will always turn out the lights at night. The main objective is to encourage you to sleep. You may not have liked that though while you were growing up, so when you became an adult you only turn out the light when you want to. Some people are in the habit of watching TV or reading in bed. Reading will of course require lights and that will surely keep you awake. Watching TV can be done without the lights on, but the light coming from the TV is what will keep you awake. The bottom line here is to try to avoid watching TV or reading at night. Better yet, turn out that light and give your eyes that much needed rest.

There are other things and practices that you can do that will help you sleep and stay asleep for the night. These top 10 sleep remedies though should be enough to keep those sleepless nights away. The important thing here is your willingness to try something different or to change your lifestyle. If you will keep on drinking coffee before bed time, do not wonder why sleep is so elusive. The same thing goes if you take your office work – along with its problems and worries – to bed.

The main idea for these natural sleep remedies is to help you sleep better at night. When you sleep better, you can only expect your mind and body to be completely prepared for the next day’s activities. If you have been wondering why you feel more tired when you wake up in the morning than when you came home the other night, then you are suffering from sleep deprivation. In some cases, you may think that you have slept long but actually, your eyes were just shut but your brain cells were working over time. When your brain stays active at night, your body is affected as well. This is where “tossing and turning” occurs.

You need to keep your mind relaxed in order for your body to receive its much needed rest. Do not invite negative thoughts. Keep thinking of positive things. Eventually, the sleep you have been inviting all along is going to accept the invitation.


City of Tokyo

World’s Most Expensive City to Live In

If you are planning to relocate and you are thinking that you can afford to live in a city where the cost living is beyond that of an ordinary man’s reach, then you will be glad you know that a recent survey showed that top 10 most expensive cities in the world to live in. In the result posted recently, Asia and Europe top the list of having the most cities where the costs of living are simply way beyond the means of ordinary citizens.

On the top of the list is:

1. Tokyo, Japan

Downtown Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

2. Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan

3. Sydney,  Australia

Sydney,  Australia

Sydney, Australia

4. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

5. Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

6. Singapore ( Asia)



7. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

8. Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, France

9. Caracas, Venezuela

 Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

10. Geneva, Switzerland

Genève, Switzerland

Genève, Switzerland

Europe is undoubtedly well represented in the list, but it can be noticed that Asia is gaining quickly. Australian cities on the other hand are also penetrating the list, and this is a little surprising since ten years ago, none of them even made it to the top 50. What is missing on the list is a single North American city; the complete result actually shows that none from this continent even made it to the top 20.




At the number one spot, Tokyo in Japan actually just resumed its top position and this is despite a weaker yen, the Japanese deflation and growing worldwide prices. Tokyo took the number one slot from Zurich, Switzerland that dropped to number 7 this year.

So what made Tokyo take the lead again and Osaka following suit? Maybe it has something to do with the rise in wage growth and high economic enthusiasm. Add the fact that the Japanese capital had high real estate rents and costs as well as soaring wages fueling costs.

Real estate rates in Tokyo, Japan are close to $10,000/square meter and outside the city than rates go around at $5,700/square meter. If you are thinking of renting a 3-bedroom house in Tokyo, you may have to pay a whooping $2,500 rent. An average apartment outside the city can cost around $1,700 and monthly utility bills can go as much as $160 for a small household. Traveling around the city and eating out can also be highly expensive affairs.

Osaka on the other hand, has one of the priciest transportation costs in the world and this is because of the numerous popular tourist sights found here. Wages are also way high in Osaka and this is because it is the headquarters of top companies in the world like, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Panasonic and Sanyo.

Another Asian city, Singapore, made it to top 10, as number 6 coming up 3 places from its previous ranking. The city’s CPI or Consumer Price Index inflation last year registered at 4.6 percent and at the same time there was also currency appreciation that time. Together, those aspects made the State-City a more expensive city to live in.

Singapore is simply has a promising and flourishing economy. It may be small and there is lack of space for expansion but the fact that it can stay competitive economically only proves that it is certainly a costly place to live in. A single bedroom apartment in the suburban Singapore can cost $1,800 and up with monthly utility bills normally as high as $130.




The cost of living in Australia has surged Sydney and Melbourne into great positions at the top 5 most expensive cities to live in. The two cities have outstripped most European cities. The rise of these cities is highly attributed to the country’s currency and inflation swings. The strength that the Australian dollars have demonstrated over the US and other currencies combined with inflation being supported by economic growth made it really costly to live in these cities. Australians and visitors are certainly feeling the changes with the prices rising way beyond their expectations.

The Australian cities rise was certainly unprecedented as no other cities have managed to make this kind of climb before. And to think that a decade ago, there was no Australian city in the top 50 of the world’s most expensive cities.




European cities have always been on the top positions when it comes to the world’s most expensive cities to live in. This year though, they are taking the back seat for Asian and Australian cities. Paris, Zurich and Oslo used to claim the No.1 spot at one time or another, with Zurich having the crown last year.

The low tax rates in Zurich should make it a least expensive place to live, but sadly low tax was the main reason why many international millionaires have decided to relocate here. And because of that cost of living in this city has soared up high, but certain factors caused it to fall from the top place to number 7. But Zurich is still the richest city in Europe and when it comes to high quality of living it still takes the top position in the continent.

South America

South America

South America

Another amazing rise in the list was made by Caracas in Venezuela. This South American city jumped up from number 25 to number 9, which made it the most expensive city to live in across the Americas. The obvious reason this rise in position for Caracas is the country’s fixed exchange rates versus the US dollar and the rise to price volatility.

Living in these cities can be really great if you have the resources to support the opportunities and the lifestyle that they have to offer. So, do you have what it takes to live in one of these cities? You can really consider yourself very lucky if you can easily afford to live in one of these cities.




Pick One of the Top 10 Green Degrees

The fact that more and more people are getting encouraged to go Green is the main reason why, each year, the number of students taking up green degrees is increasing. And because of the continuing rise in the demand for such degrees, more and more colleges are coming up with new and innovative programs.

Going Green has certainly gone a long way, and for those who are vigilant enough to finish their Green courses and get their Green degrees, great job opportunities are waiting for them in environmental sustainability, policy, management and law.

Green degrees are wide scoped and the major and minor courses are divided in different categories. So, you have the option to choose your specialty such as in agriculture, marine conservation, fisheries, sustainable building and many more.

Aside from the major courses and Bachelor of Sciences green degrees, some colleges are also offering additional classes which include:

  • Sustainable Business
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Paper Engineering
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Ecology and Management of Landscapes
  • Environmental Law
  • Outdoor Education


Top Ten Greenest Degrees

Environmental Sciences and Department

        1. Major in Environment Chemistry – this course involves initial recognition of how the uncontaminated environment works and well as which chemical concentrations are naturally present and at what effects. Study of this course allows human to properly understand and accurately learn the effects that chemicals bring to the environment.
        1. Major in Environment Geosciences – this course involves applying the understanding of the natural world in providing solution for environmental issues. Understanding of soils, rocks and minerals in combination with surface processes, is important in alleviation of environmental risks and key to defending the world while allowing for growth and development at the same time.
        2. Major in Conservation Biology – this is a scientific study of the nature and condition of the Earth’s biodiversity with the objective to protect the species and their habitats as well as the ecosystems from extreme possibilities of extinction and biotic interaction erosion. It is an interdisciplinary course that deals with economics, sciences and natural resource management.
        1. The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems – is a scientific study that offers three definite concentrations — sustainable crop production, sustainable food systems and agroecology. In this specific degree students are encouraged to work at vegetable farms as part of their colleges’ agricultural research programs. The students also participate in internship programs at local farms. For post-graduates the graduates are likely to land good jobs and postings in different sectors like, agricultural biosecurity, food safety, bioenergy production and bioenergy improvement.

Natural Resource Department

        1. Major in Ecological Restoration – this course involves the scientific discipline aimed to provide resolution to the rising need to re-establish the Earth’s damaged ecosystems. Habitat destruction, invasive species expansions, urban sprawling and the direct damage caused by industrial contamination, are just some of the cause of the severe damages suffered by our natural habitats. This course gives the students clear understanding and strong foundation on what methods are available in the ecosystem restoration process.
        2. Major in Marine Science and Conservation – this course includes the study in coastal geology and marine ecology; ocean and earth sciences (including subjects on climate change as well as solid earth methods); and environmental policy and studies (focused on aquatic sciences, atmospheric sciences and ecosystem science).
        3. Major in Wildlife Ecology – this course concentrates on studies on nanotechnology, wildlife disease prevention, and global genetic engineering.
        4. Major in Forest Ecosystem Science – this coursework degree prepares the students for great careers in the natural resource management and forest management sectors. It provides the graduates with useful connections in the ecosystem management sectors both locally and internationally.

Nature and Culture Department

        1. MA in Environmental Science and Policy – in this course the students need to explore and evaluate that causes ecological degradation. This interdisciplinary course builds a basis in international environmental policy by integration of the study of environmental politics with economics and natural sciences.
        2. Major in Nature Studies – this major course is designed for students who aim to understand the complicated relationships that humans have with nature. Through understanding it is expected that the students will be able to make a difference that will make the world a better place to live in.


Eco friendly fashion

High-End Eco-Fashion – The Evolution of Luxury

Eco-fashion is apparently becoming more and more important in out lives and even the luxury fashion market has adapted this trend. Over the last decade, reducing waste and cutting back on the use of non-renewable energy resources or “going green” has become quite commonplace.

Attribution :  © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com

© Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com

Many people have been implementing this practical practice by recycling, driving less, using fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent lights, installing solar panels and other eco-friendly practices. But what most people do not understand is that the clothes they wear are damaging to the environment, as damaging as plastic bags actually.

Despite some attempts of small time manufacturers to come up with eco-friendly clothing alternative, the public has not been patronizing clothes that made of natural fibers. Probably because of the common notion that environment-friendly means non-fashionable and quite plain. Add the fact that most previous attempts to come up with sustainable materials for clothes manufacturing have either failed or been dismissed due to lack of interest from the public and the big manufacturers.

We have seen eco-fashion shows showing off models in clothes made of organic materials but they just stayed there, on the runway, and never made it to the display windows and clothes racks of fashion shops. It was actually a shame that most high-end fashion designers have given up or scoffed the idea of utilizing sustainable clothing materials.

Thanks though, to the new breed of designers who are changing the way people think about high end fashion labels. Now, we can see and buy clothes that are made partly of organic and bamboo cotton. This only proved that there are some people who have carried on where some have left off.

Lotus flower

Lotus flower

The idea to create sustainable textiles out of organic materials is very smart and extremely practical. The earth is simple full of plants that can be used to their full potential and finally, this fact has been recognized. Just a year ago, a big Italian luxury clothing manufacturer has successfully discovered lotus flower fiber, which is a natural raw material from Myanmar. It was effectively extracted from the lotus plant, hand-spun and hand-woven within a day to produce a fabric very much similar to raw silk.

These new organic materials and more are now being successfully used not just by small time designers but also by luxury brands. There are now high-end fashion wear collections that are making big waves. The popularity of jackets made of the lotus flower fiber is one example that people really are going green.

It is actually the public’s positive reaction to anything environmental-friendly that prompted the fashion industry to answer they cry for manufacturing of high end fashion labels. At the end of the day, this proved to be a smart decision not just for the people but for the planet in general.

More and more consumers are obviously caring more and more about the good of the environment and they want to purchase products from those who care as they do. For now, though, high-end eco-fashion is only going mainstream in key cities in the world as they are too expensive to produce. But, hopefully, as more designers and manufacturers are going to produce these clothes, more and more retailers will sell. Then we can be assured that in the future, these products will come into the awareness of the whole world.