Sustainable Quotes

Greatest and Unique Inspirational Sustainable Quotes

Sustainability is all about being able to endure. When it comes to the environment, it becomes something that defines the need to save the planet Earth. If the world becomes highly enabled for sustainability, there is a big chance that our Earth will have the enduring capacity to sustain life.

Thus, the love for the planet is the reason why there is a magnanimous availability of quotable quotes about sustainability.

Inspirational Sustainable Quotes:

“If humans start learning about the environment now, the world is surely going to be a better place tomorrow”

Such quote is very relevant. Today is the day to start saving Mother Earth, there is nothing we can do about yesterday, and tomorrow offers the chance to start anew.

“Sustainable future should start with sustainable objective”

The key to the achievement of anything is through the maintenance of the main goals. Without objectives, no project will ever take off the ground, and if objectives are not sustained, achievement of success is definitely out of reach.

“Pollution is something created, thus it is something that can also be avoided” –

Humans created pollution; it is not something we are born with. Pollution happens because mankind is weak and this weakness prevents us from dealing with what we want to put to trash. If we can create pollution, we should also be able to create a solution that will put an end to this global dilemma.

“Use of plastic is dominant due to functionality and affordability. What we all fail to realize is that the cost we save with plastic is not enough to pay for the cost of eventually losing our planet”

Companies have been manufacturing plastics and people have been using them. Plastics are everywhere, and this is the reason why we are soon going to be deeply drowned in non-biodegradable trash.

“Let us not wait for Earth to surrender, let us give her the support she needs before she eventually let us down”

Sustainability is needed; and that is a fact. If we start using resources that are sustainable, we start to save those that are non-renewable. This means that the world we live in will have a longer life and thus the next generations will be able to enjoy living on a sustained and maintained planet.

“Technology is great, but human lives are precious”

There is nothing wrong with being advanced or with having the ability to use technology for the betterment of the people. But when technology starts to create havoc and damage the world we live in, it is about time to stop, think and re-align our priorities.

“Let us be inspired, let us create a better world to live in. Let us sustain what we have now, before the time comes when there is nothing to sustain anymore” –

It is better to act now than wait for the wait for the time when there is nothing we can do. The will to change should begin now, while there is still something to save. Let us not wait for the planet to disintegrate, because when that happens, no matter how many billions are willing to help, all efforts will be fruitless.


Top Luxury Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Honeymoon is that perfect time when newlyweds get to spend precious moments together before going back to normal living. Couples pamper themselves to the ecstasy of love as a couple through Honeymoons. Making it more promising is a perfect destination that articulates blissful ambiance in harmony with their emotions. Couples are searching for a place where they would be treated as Royal Kings and Queens and would suffice their desires.

Whatever kind of atmosphere they wanted to indulge themselves into, one thing is for sure, they want to have an extraordinary honeymoon of their lifetime!

Fakarava ponton rotoava, French Polynesia

Fakarava Ponton Rotoava, French Polynesia

The Top 5 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

Dream honeymoons oftentimes end up as the couples’ most unforgettable vacations. The following destinations all qualify as the top luxury honeymoon destinations in the world because they expect and fulfill the needs of a couple. These places offer not just romance, but also change of scene, style, and unique adventure.


Tahiti, French Polynesia

The physical setting of Tahiti in the Southern Pacific is said to be the most ideal place for honeymooners, with its spectacular splendor, every couple could spend an exceptional time as husband and wife. Countryside and natural scenery summons for unforgettable memories to happen. Couples should not forget to bring their cameras to capture moments that will last forever.




Absolute magnificence of tropical isles, superb marine biodiversity can be found at Maldives. Couple divers and even not can enjoy the ocean’s wide beauty here. The pure gentleness of the cultural people may even attract you more.

Kaui Panorama Kauai, Hawaii

Kaui Panorama Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

If you’re looking for a fantastic adventure on islands, Kauai Hawaii is the perfect destination for you. Landscape scenery will welcome you along the way, together with its surprising setting of water forms and beaches near the islands. Fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers are available daily. Kauai is perfectly what we expect when we think of Hawaii escape.

Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, France

Of course, Paris France will never be out of the list. The City of Lights can also be called City of Love as many inspiring historical romantic events happened here. But some would say that Paris, France can be just an ordinary and common destination, but the secret behind a superior getaway is thinking out of the box. Try to take advantage of the city’s advancement in Arts and Culture to make it remarkable. And to complete your Paris experience, never fail to recall visiting Versailles and the evening promenade of people eating on the streets with happy faces.

A view of Florence, Italy

A view of Florence, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is home of delicious food and beverages because it is a country centered on Culinary professionalism. A special plate of pasta and a glass of wine shared by two will surely bring closer connections to the couple. While the stomach is filled with nutrition, the hearts are bursting with endless love along with it, that’s the magic of Italy.


How to Grow an Avocado from Pit

How to Grow Naturally an Avocado from Pit

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]vocados are one of the most nutritious fruits and they are most only available during the summer months. Avocados can provide virtually around 20 vital nutrients, which include; potassium, folic acid, fiber, Vitamin E, folic acid and B-vitamins. This fruit is also known as nutrient booster because it helps the body in the absorption of additional fat-soluble nutrients like lutein and alpha and beta-carotene in foods that are consumed along with it.

The avocado meat is fairly smooth and firm yet yielding to the teeth. It is also rich in texture with flavor that is not sweet yet very delectable. Mashed avocados bring out a very refreshing aroma that entices the senses very much.

Avocados are good for making salads, guacamole and fruit-flavored milk shakes. Next time you eat an avocado, you may want to save its pit and grow an avocado tree. Below are the step by step instructions on how you can grow an avocado tree from a pit.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 1

The first step in planting an avocado is to remove the fruit meat from the pit – be very careful as to not cut the pit. Then clean the pit of all the remaining fruit meat. This can be easily achieved by soaking the pit in water for some minutes and then scrubbing what’s left of the fruit. Be very careful though as not to remove the seed cover or the brown skin around the pit.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 2

Find the bottom part of the pit. In oval shaped avocado pits this is easy to do, the bigger part is the bottom part and that is where the roots will grow; while the top part is the pointed part and that is where the sprout will grow. Identifying the bottom part from the top part is important because you are going to need to soak the bottom part in water. This is a very important process because this will make the pit to sprout.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 3

Avocado pit in aglass of waterThe next step will need 3 pieces of toothpicks. You need to stick each toothpick at a slightly downward angle into the pit – the toothpicks should be spaced evenly around the seed. Once the toothpicks are in place, you will have scaffolding that will allow you to put the pit into a glass of water. Make sure that each toothpick is wedged in their places firmly so that the bottom part of the seed can rest well under the water without the rest of the pit submerging.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 4

Once the seed is properly placed on the glass and the bottom part is resting well, set the glass in a place where there is direct sunlight. Be sure that the place where you put the glass with the seed is easily accessible to you so that you can see the roots coming out and in order for you to easily change the water every now and then. Changing the water regularly is very important in order to prevent mold, fungus and bacteria growth. You do not have to change the water everyday though, doing it every 5 days should be sufficient.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 5

This is the time when you wait for sprouting to occur. In some cases, an avocado pit will sprout within 2 to 4 weeks, but it can also take up to 8 weeks. So patience is needed. During this process you will notice that top part of the pit will dry out and a crack will form as the seed skin will start to slough off. You will also notice that the crack will get bigger and will reach to the bottom part of the seed. Through that bottom crack, a small taproot will appear. The taproot will grow and may also branch out, until you can see a tiny sprout peeking through the top part of the seed. Keep the taproot submerged under water, allowing it to dry out will be the end of the early life of your tree.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 6

From the sprout at the top branch the stem of your plant will grow. Once the stem is about 6 to 7 inches you need to trim it down to 3 inches so that new growth will appear. When it grows 6 inches once more take the seed out from the glass and plant it in a pot with rich humus soil. Do not plant the entire seed, leave the top half exposed. Put the pot with your avocado plant back in the sunny location – avocados grow better when directly exposed to sunlight.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 7

Water your plant regularly with deep soaking every now and then. Make sure that the soil is moist all the time, though not saturated with water. Over watering is not good, so be moderate. When you see the leaves turning yellow, it means you are over watering. When that happens, simply let it be for a few days and things will go back to normal.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 8

When the stem is about a foot high, pinch out the top leaves in order to encourage side shoots growths; this is important to encourage growth of more leaves to make your plant bushier. Do the pinching process every time the plant grows additional 6 inches. Always pinch the newest sets of top leaves.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 9

This is the bug control process. Avocado plants collect aphids or plant lice and you need to get rid of them or else they will eat out your plant’s leaves. To get rid of those plant pests slightly spray your plant with water. Once they are off the leaves spray the plant with a mixture of water, small amount of dish-washing liquid and neem oil (one teaspoon) – this is great anti-aphids solution.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 10

This step is necessary when you live in a location where summer is not a year long occasion. This is called the wintering process. When the temperature outside hits 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you must bring your plant inside the house before the temperature falls.

[checklist][/checklist]Step 11

Once your avocado plant looks well established in its pot, it is about time to plant it directly to the ground. You need to dig a little dip into the ground, make sure that the entire pot can be buried entirely. But you should not plant the tree with the pot. Prior to transferring the tree, take it out from the pot and then bury it in the hole you made.

Will the tree ever bear fruit?

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” ]This is not a guaranteed thing. But in most cases, your avocado tree may start bearing fruit within 3 to 4 years, sometime if you are not that lucky, you may have to wait 15 years or worse, you may never taste an avocado fruit from your tree. A good advice is to plant several trees for pollination.[/box]