The Most Expensive House

The Crespi-Hicks Estate is the Most Expensive Home Listed for Sale

When it comes to expensive homes for sale, estates for sale in key US states are usually on top of the list. That is not the case though for the latest one on the public listing.

So, do you want to know what is the most expensive house listed for sale?

Recently, a Woodside, California home was rumored to be out for sale for a whooping $117 million. But before the rumors can be confirmed another US home started attracting attention for being on the market for a more amazing price of $135 million, making it the latest priciest home listed for sale in the US and probably the world.

Reports has it that the Crespi-Hicks Estate is being silently listed at Multiple Listing Services The more staggering news is that the latest most expensive home in the market is neither located in New York City nor in San Francisco. America’s highest priced estate in the market is located in Dallas, Texas.

Crespi-Estate Location

The Crespi-Hick Estate is ideally situated in the super elite neighborhood of Mayflower Estates. It sits comfortably and affluently behind magnificent wrought iron entrance gates of a land are that spans 25 acres. The estate’s compound possesses roughly around 42,500 square feet of living space that includes the huge main house (all five-storeys of it), two-storey guest house plus an amazing three-storey pool house.

This totally magnificent estate is owned by former Forbes 400 listmakers, Thomas Hicks and his wife Cinda, whose 2008 personal net worth reached as large as $1.4 billion. Tom Hicks was the chairman Hick Equity firm and currently holding the position as chairman for Hicks Holdings. Tom was also an owner of many professional sports squads, which include the Texas Rangers, Liverpool Soccer Club and the Dallas Stars.

Crespi-Hicks Estate was the last residential project of the late Maurice Fatio, who was commissioned for the job by Italian Count Pio Crespi.

The Hicks bought the property 16 years ago and they commissioned architect Peter Marino for the restoration project. The restoration process took almost a decade to finish and to an amazing cost of $100 million.

Crespi-Estate Amenities

If the land area is outrageously big and the main house is extraordinarily huge, then you can only expect a few outrageous amenities such as; the library that was paneled in striking Italian walnut and burl (19th-century), the main kitchen which was designed with beautiful Dutch Delft 10th-century manganese tiles, an exercise room and an art-deco mirrored bar room.

There is also the pool house that has a kitchen, an outdoor living area, a huge gaming room, an indoor catering kitchen, plus a home theater that covers one storey.

There are 2 guest houses in the grounds as well as a tennis court, lots of greenhouses, vegetable gardens, a tree house, plus a hidden driveway entrance (the second) onto the property.

This home is simply magnificent and it provides the feeling of overwhelming majesty with gentle intimacy for everyone who has been privileged to enter. The house’s formal rooms have witnessed the presences of guests and dignitaries including US Presidents and other International leaders.

Crespi-Home Estate Price

The $135 million asking price for the Crespi-Hicks Estate is not surprising since it was reported that Mayflower Estates lands are sold at a haughty $2 million/acre. Add the fact that this elite community is home to the richest, most affluent and most powerful Dallas residents, which include former US President George W. Bush.

For that price, the Crespi-Hicks Estate beats the California estate named Fleur de Lys, which happened to be the most expensive home listed publicly in the market since November when the Casa Casuarina in Miami reduced its selling price to $100 million.